Welcome to Sempai

Sempai is accessible to all employees of Fujitsu worldwide. Sempai is also featured on the Global Knowledge Exchange portal.

We welcome all Fujitsu colleagues to take advantage of the Sempai features for new knowledge sharing and acquisition. With the potential addition of a large number of users, Sempai translates as a highly enriching experience for everyone.


What is Sempai?

Sempai is a website designed to enable the publication and sharing of learning contents throughout the organization. In addition of having access to the whole user community knowledge, Sempai gives the opportunity to Fujitsu employees to register for classroom training, webinars and other learning events online. Sempai is the perfect tool for Fujitsu employees who are searching  for learning resources relevant to their field of expertise. The ultimate goal of Sempai is to help Fujitsu employees in finding learning resources spread across the organization at one single place. It aims to integrate with every learning platform in place and publicize their most valued trainings.

If you havenít yet used Sempai for your in-class or online training, sign up today!

For any questions do not hesitate to contact the Learning and Development Team at Fujitsu.

Introduction to Sempai:

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