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  • This learner-led (virtual) development module is one of the eight disciplines of management that make up the Fujitsu Manager Accreditation Program (FMAP).

    This is not an in class training event.  It is self-paced development over a 4 month period.
    Participants need to learn and demonstrate the application of the Personal Effectiveness Discipline accountabilities for at least 4 consecutive months.  
    See Course Syllabus Objectives Tab for a list of the accountabilities for this discipline.

    Intended Audience

    It is primarily aimed at those who directly manage people (e.g. who prepare performance reviews) either newly promoted in this role or an experienced manager newly hired at Fujitsu. 


    Registration for this event on the calendar indicates your interest in starting to work on the accountabilities for this discipline.

  • 1) Etat de l'art

    • Le monde du big data

    D'où le big data vient-il ? Combien pèse-t-il dans le monde, en Europe,
    en France ? Comment l'État et les entreprises l'appréhendent-ils ?
    Quelles perspectives ? Qu'est-ce qu'une approche data centric ?
    • Big data et analyse prédictive
    • Comment la veille se remet en question face au big data
    • Big data et intelligence artificielle
    • Quelle normalisation pour le big data ?
    • Développement et perspectives de l'open data en France
    • Petit panorama d'initiatives open data
    • Droit : qu'est-ce qu'une donnée ?
    • Droit : enjeux des données personnelles

     2) Méthode
    • Mise en place de stratégies big data dans les entreprises
    • Les meilleures pratiques big data
    • Comment ouvrir ses données

     3) Outils
    • Les projets de learning centers
    • Le marché du big data et ses acteurs
    • Panorama des acteurs du big data et de la datavisualisation (fiches)

    4) Retours d'Expérience
    •  L'Argus de la presse, BlaBlacar, M6...

  • The most perfect system can fail if the change is not managed.
    Throughout the earlier phases of solution delivery, Macroscope reminds us of things that can pave the way for a successful implementation. In the implementation phase, all those preparations are brought to conclusion. In addition to the mechanics of conversion, installation and set-up, we see a strong emphasis on the organizational change - communication, training, work redesign, etc.
    This event familiarizes learners with the implementation phase and its deliverables and also reinforces the need to prepare for implementation throughout the solution delivery process.

  • The aim is that at the end of this course, participants will be able to:

    • Effectively convey certain fundamental business reasons for managing change
    • Engage in meaningful conversations on Change Management with other practitioners
    • Be able to identify opportunities for change management and seek assistance

  • Sinan Aral is an Assistant Professor and Microsoft Faculty Fellow at the NYU Stern School of Business. He studies how behavioral contagions spread through social networks -- from products to productivity to public health. His novel research on information and behavioral diffusion in massive networks is being applied to a variety of fields including epidemiology, innovation management, organizational performance and development economics.

  • Inspired from a book by Mary and Tom Poppendieck, this presentation is an adaptation of the Lean Approach based on the Toyota Production System in the IT domain.
    Once the 7 Lean Software Development principles are revisited, 24 imaged viewpoints will provide a different approach to dealing with possible problems encountered in the field of IT.

  • See the Microsoft solution to manage your Private Cloud Infrastructure.

  • In this session we'll take the concepts introduced in Part 1 and go even deeper. We'll provide a technical overview of the new application model and end-user application catalog that delivers this flexible working environment. Learn how best to design and deploy an optimized Configuration Manager 2012 infrastructure as well as some best practices and tools for migrating from SCCM 2007.

  • Are you ready for Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager? We are excited about our most important release ever for client administrators. Configuration Manager 2012 is user-centric, manages heterogeneous devices and introduces a new way to deploy applications; these capabilities will help you enable the Consumerization of IT, reduce costs, and drive agility for your organization. But there is more...a NEW interface, improved setting management, role-based administration, and infrastructure reduction. Get up to speed on all the key new capabilities of Configuration Manager 2012. We'll also provide a quick overview of Windows Intune, for those looking for a cloud based management for their unmanaged PCs.

  • End users are bringing consumer devices into the organization! iPhones, iPads, Tablets and Smartphones are now part of the corporate environment. New desktop technologies such as VDI, Tablets, Consumerization, among other pressures, are causing many IT environments to consider re-architecting their desktop infrastructure. Learn how to separate myths from facts, learn how to develop a strategy focused on meeting your users desktop requirements based on roles / personas, rather than implying that one technology fits all, and discover Microsoft and partner solutions that enable a Flexible Workstyle.

  • Learn how to make the magic from the keynote come to life for your organization. Get an overview of the key improvements in System Center 2012, the design principles for 2012, how those features will benefit your organization, and finally how you can implement within your organization to achieve business value.

  • 1st presentation in a complete set of 8.
    Cloud computing and the delivery of true IT as a Service is one of the most profound industry shifts in decades. Join Jeff Woolsey, Principle Program Manager, Microsoft's Management and Security Division, as he shares Microsoft's vision for cloud computing and shows how System Center 2012, as part of the Microsoft private cloud, will enable you to deliver the promise of cloud computing in your organization today.

  • You are a manager or currently playing a leadership role within a team? You are aware you must attend to individuals, but do you know managing the team as a whole is also important?
    This training is designed to guide you in diagnosing your current team.

    • What type of team do I currently have?
    • Which development level has it reached?
    • What is my style of management?
    • To which level do I want to bring my team?

    Once you have drawn a clear picture of your current team, you will be able to work on an adapted action plan enabling your team to grow as a whole and enhance group efficiency.

    You will need to commit to energizing your team through team workshops and discussion sessions.

  • English overview is coming.

  • This docuement is designed to help Fujitsu sales, marketing employees and any interested consultant to :
    1. Answer the basic questions that exist today in most bids around our sustainability performance, credentials and CSR program.
    2. Provide a comprehensive overview of our Global Sustainability Capability including Products, Data Centers, Smart Solutions, Consulting and other services.
    3. Understand at a high level the market issues at play in the GBG regions, to address multiregional bids with relevant local understanding
    4. Provide links to relevant case studies and further information
    5. Outline our overall story and sustainability messaging.

  • This content was submitted by André Thouin.

    This Power Point presentation contains the latest wins from the New York office that pertain to Salesforce in various industries but mostly, the financial services sector. It is available to help turn our RFP's into winning proposals.

  • This content was submitted by Raphaël Baril

    This document presents the basic concepts of change management.
    - What is the change?
    - How to change?
    - Change Management in the Public Sector

  • This content was submitted by Chris Hammond-Thrasher.

    Alternate title: Why I Have Tape Covering My Webcam.

    For years security professionals have been telling us not to follow links or open attachments from untrusted sources, not to click "Ignore" on your browser's security pop-ups, and not to insert untrusted thumb drives into your USB ports. Do you want to see what can happen with your own eyes? This prensentation will show you how to download, install, configure, and use the basic features of Dave Kennedy's open source hacker tool, the Social Engineering Toolkit.