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    • Understand what Internet of Things are? 
    • Controlling home appliances from anywhere in the world 
    • Use some of the physical devices like Arduino and Raspberry Pi 
    • Design some of the IoT applications 
    • Attractive Dashboard design for different applications

    You MUST be connected to the Fujitsu Network to access the link below:

    Internet of Things Learning

    Contact Learning & Development  regarding costs for this training path.

  • Decision Maker

    Learn cloud fundamentals and best practices to help guide your leadership decisions

    Cloud Practitioner

    Learn cloud fundamentals and best practices


    Choose business or technical paths to learn best practices to help your customers


    Learn to design highly available systems


    Learn to develop applications for the cloud

    Operations Learn to automate applications, networks, and systems

    You MUST be connected to the Fujitsu Network to access the learning link below:

    AWS Learning Paths

    Contact Learning & Development if there are any costs associated with this training path.

    • Blockchain - the opportunity beyond the hype
    • Introductory Courses on Blockchain
    • Introductory Education and Opinions

    You must be connected to the Fujitsu network to access the learning below:

    Digital Technologies - Blockchain


    Contact Learning & Development if there are any costs associated to this training.

    • A look inside the Digital Workplace
    • Developer-oriented courses on AI
    • Introductions to the basics of AI
    • Introductory courses on AI

    To access the training below you need to be connected to the Fujitsu network.

    Digital Technologies Learning

     Contact Learning & Development if there are costs associated to this training.



    BAS Licence to Sell Application Modernization
    BAS Licence to Sell Office 365
    BAS Licence to Sell SmarTAMS
    BAS Licence to Sell Training Interstage
    BAS Licence to Sell Training Smart Factory
    All Final Decks

    DSI LIcense to Sell Digital Applications
    DSI License to Sell Digital Service Orchestration
    DSI License to Sell Glovia
    DSI License to Sell Hybrid IT Migration and Managed Services
    License to Sell K5 IaaS and PaaS

    ECS License to Sell Firewall Management
    ECS License to Sell Managed STEM
    ECS License to Sell ROBOSOC
    ECS License to Sell Security Assessment Services
    ECS License to Sell Vulnerability Management

    MIS License to Sell Intelligent Engineering
    MIS License to Sell Social Command Centre
    MIS License to Sell Social Command Centre
    MIS License to Sell Workplace Anywhere
    MIS License to Sell RPA

    RETAIL License to Sell Fresco
    RETAIL License to Sell Market Place
    RETAIL License to Sell Workforce Task Management
    License to Sell Training - Retail Store Technology
    RETAIL License to Sell TMS

    Offering ED: Retail

    Offering ED: Digital

    Offering ED: MIS

    Offering ED: BAS

    Offering ED: ECS

    Offering ED: PPG (Mobile and Enterprise)


  • Windows 10, Office 365, Office 2016, Power BI, Azure, Windows 8.1, Office 2013, SharePoint 2016, SharePoint 2013, Dynamics CRM, PowerShell, Exchange Server, System Center, Cloud, SQL Server and more!


  • Watch our Digital SaaS - ServiceNow Team go through an overview of the products and our solutions, and shares some of our most exciting ServiceNow experiences to help your customers on their Digital Transformation Journey, with an in-depth Q&A period with the team at the end.

    Fujitsu has a 7 year partnership with ServiceNow as a Gold Services Partner: implementation partner and a Re-Seller, and have done 400+ implementations globally. We deliver end-to-end ServiceNow solutions, from consultancy, implementation, integration, service orchestration and stakeholder communication, through to training and support. We are proud to be able to provide this full lifecycle support for our customer's ServiceNow implementations.

    ServiceNow is a cloud based software that provides service management-solution-as-a-service. It specializes in workflow and process automation for IT services management (ITSM), IT operations management (ITOM) and IT business management (ITBM).


    • Incident, Problem, Change and Release Management
    • Asset Management
    • Service Catalog
    • Knowledge Management


    • Discovery
    • Service Mapping
    • Cloud Management
    • Event Management
    • Orchestration


    • Demand Management
    • Resource Management
    • Project Portfolio Management
    • Agile Development

    View recording

    Here are some Knowledge17 resource links:

    Knowledge17 - TheatreNow 15-minute session:

    Title: Forget science fiction. Fujitsu can augment your reality with ServiceNow 

    For more information please visit: 

  • Context and K5 Overview

    • MetaArc Concepts and Summary
    • K5 IAAS Concepts
    • Global Infrastructure and Services.
    • Foundational Services and geographical scope of services
    • Overview of K5 PaaS Services 
    • Overview of Fujitsu Cloud Services Management

    Starting to use K5
      • Customer subscription model and scope
      • Creating a Domain and projects
      • User Accounts and Groups
      • Delegation of permission

    • Creating projects and user management

    Designing your environment - Best practices
    • Translating on traditional premises infrastructure to the K5 platform
    • Creating Networks
    • Security groups
    • Network management
    • Network Connector Service
    • Compute Resources
    • Virtual Machine types
    • Creating VMs 
    • Create and connect a storage devices
    • Establishing connection to a server / remote login

    IaaS K5 Architecting (Part I) Video 1:45

    Overview K5 - (Part 2) Video recording 20:45

  •  Video recordings for MetaArc Fundamentals 1 day training session.

    • Digital Transformation Story
    • Group work session with a made-up customer case
    • MetaArc Strategy and Digital Transformation Framework
    • MetaArc, why is it important, how does it relate to Hybrid IT, K5, Digitalization?
    • Digitalization - Opportunities and real case examples
    • Cloud Basics (layer definitions, types, examples)
    • Group work session showing cloud use cases
    • Fujitsu Cloud Services K5 (deployment types, structure, competition)
    • Local K5 deployment update (what's being implemented in FAN, pricing policy, support, etc.) 
    •          (this is done country specific through the local host colleague)
    • K5 IaaS & PaaS functionalities
    • Group work session with a made-up customer case
    • Hybrid IT approach, Managing Cloud, Orchestration 
    • FCSM  offering overview
    • Engagement model - What can you sell?
    • White Boarding Approach - Assets on GKE, Wrap-up & feedback session

    Part 1 - MetaArc Recording

    Part 2 - MetaArc Recording

    Part 3 - MetaArc Recording

    Part 4 - MetaArc Recording


  • This series of learning modules and demo exercises covers the following topics in preparation for a Level 1 Certification.

    • Installation & Configuration
    • Product Overview
    • Account Overview
    • Inventory Overview
    • Purchasing Overview
    • Sales Order Overview
    • Manufacturing Overview
    • MRP Overview
    • Field Service Overview
    • Accounting Overview

  • See how Fujitsu GLOVIA OM is leading the way of bringing back office information to the front office. In this training session you will see a live demo of the solution, and learn about how GLOVIA OM integrates with other systems, recent case studies and user stories (target customers), and connect with the BAS SaaS and GLOVIA OM team for an in-depth Q&A period.

    Fujitsu GLOVIA OM is a top rated cloud-based order management solution based on over 30 years of experience in the ERP business. Unlike a traditional ERP solution, GLOVIA OM is quick to deploy, easy to modify and seamlessly integrates with Salesforce as it is 100% native on the Platform. GLOVIA OM will provide that agile layer that works as a System of Engagement connecting to the back office Systems of Record (SAP, Oracle, Accounting Software, etc.) providing: 

    • Mobile-ready Field Sales and Service (online & offline capabilities)
    • Enhanced Sales Order Management
    • Robust Pricing and Promotions
    • Order Fulfilment & Invoice Management
    • Material Requirements Planning (MRP) 
    • Inventory Management & Planning
    • Work Order Management
    • Purchase Order Management
    • Streamlined Return Processes

  • DevOps is a popular set of principles and techniques that are being promoted within Fujitsu, to be adapted to the context of client and engagement.

    The course provides an introduction to current DevOps principles, practices, vocabulary and supporting automation.

    This course is mapped to a corresponding certification offered by the DevOps Institute. We use course materials provided by DOI. After attending this course, the participant will be eligible to take the DevOps Foundation certification exam.

  • Power BI: experience your data
    Live dashboards and reports
    Mobile Apps
    Get started quickly
    Training Resources
    Power BI - Connecting to D365

  • elearning

    • Configuring OpenStack
    • Implementing OpenStack
    • OpenStack User Case Studies
    • Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure Overview (Video)

    Partner Learning
    • Red Hat Openstack Administration I (CL210)
    • Red Hat OpenStack Administration III (CL311)

    Free from the Vendor
    • Red Hat OpenStack Platform technical overview
    • Defining the cloud (with demon)
    • Defining the Red Hat OpenStack Platform
    • Use case:  IaaS and a private cloud
    • Compute in Red Hat OpenStack Platform (with demo)
    • Storage in Red Hat OpenStack Platform
    • Use case: Object storage with streaming video
    • Network in Red Hat OpenStack Platform
    • Use case: Networking in telecommunications
    • Highly available Red Hat OpenStack Platform
    • Deploying Red Hat OpenStack Platform

    Click on GET CONTENT button to access materials.

  • eLearning

    • Advanced Networking
    • The Command Line
    • Boot Process and Installation
    • Processes, Networking, and Logging
    • The Environment
    • Scripting and Scheduling
    • Introduction to Virtualization
    • File Systems and Device Management
    • Remote Connections and Access
    • SELinux and Troubleshooting

    Free From the Vendor
    • Solutions and Products
    • Linux Tutorial for Beginners 2015
    • Developers and Demos
    • Containerize your Datacentre
    • Enterprise Linux Management
    • Customer Reference Videos

    Reading Materials
    • Reference Architecture
    • Whitepapers
    • Red Hat Linux Desktop Data Sheet
    • Case Studies
    • Infographics

    Click on GET CONTENT button to access materials.

  • Free from the vendor:

    • Introduction to Cloud Foundry
    • Cloud Foundry 101
    • Containers 101
    • Microservices

    Reading Materials:
    • Cloud Foundry Features
    • Router
    • Authentication
    • Cloud Controller
    • HM9000
    • Application Execution (DEA)
    • Blob Store
    • Service Brokers
    • Message Bus
    • Logging and Statistics

    Communities and Blogs
    • Cloud Foundry User Case Studies
    • Cloud Foundry Community Blog

    Click on GET CONTENT button to access materials

  • Topics covered:
    Define and articulate the term MetaArc and the technologies, tools, services and partnerships that it encompasses.
    Describe the drivers, market drivers, and client issues that MetaArc addresses.
    Increase client confidence in Fujitsu by demonstrating your ability to recommend, refine and position propositions enabled by MetaArc.
    Target Audience:  Sales

  • Allow regions to be self-sufficient in pre-sales of Hybrid IT solution and services including using content for RFI/Bids and doing demo's.
    Topics covered:

    • What is FCSM and its context within MetaArc and Hybrid IT
    • FCSM high-level architecture and individual component insight
    • Who to pitch FCSM to
    • Brief insight to FCSM Support model and Price Model
    • On-boarding portal and other presales content walk through
    • GD Services around Hybrid IT components
    • Hands-on demo experience and training
    • Case Scenario exercise
    • FCSM Regional Engagement model
    • Demo

     Target Audience:  Sales and pre-sales (Consulting)

  • Topics covered:

    • MetaArc Overview
    • K5 in Digital Business Context
    • Starting to use K5 with Demo
    • Designing your environment - Best practices
    • Using the K5 API with Demo
    • Load Balancing
    • Using Templates and stacks for service automation
    • K5 Services Monitoring
    • K5 Database as a Service
    • Email Delivery Service
    • Content Delivery Network
    • K5 Cost and Usage management
    • K5 reference materials, resources and communities

    Target Audience: Sales and pre-sales (Consulting)

  • Day 1 Oracle Migration

    • Migration as a Business
    • Migration Bootcamp SQL Server 2016 is Enterprise Ready
    • Migration Bootcamp - Oracle and SQL Technical Comparison
    • Licensing
    • Migration Business Case Assessment
    • Migration Methodology
    • Program Support and Navigating Microsoft

    Day 2 Oracle Migration
    • Oracle Essentials Getting Started
    • Oracle Essentials Physical Architecture
    • Migration Fundamentals
    • Oracle Essentials Database Structures
    • Oracle Essentials Programming
    • Oracle Essentials Programming

    Day 3 Oracle Migration
    • Database Development and Schema Conversion
    • Oracle Essentials Performance
    • Oracle Essentials High Availability and Disaster Recovery
    • Data Synchronization
    • SSIS Architecture and concepts
    • Data - EyeChart

     Day 4 Oracle Migration
    • Application Patterns - Case Studies
    • Application Patterns - Application Layers
    • Performance Proofing in SQL Server
    • Performance Tuning in SQL Server (Part 1)
    • Performance Proofing in SQL Server (Part 2)

    • Lab 1 Oracle Essentials
    • Lab 2 Migration Fundamentals
    • Lab 3 Schema Development
    • Lab 4 Data Motion SSIS
    • Lab 5 Application Conversion
    • Lab 6.1 Performance Data Collection
    • Lab 6.2 Performance Issue Detection and Resolution
    • Migration Bootcamp Lab Starter

  • You will find:
    1) Warm up training sessions
    2) Dedicated courses in preparation for exam 70-534
    3) Official Study Guide Book
    4) Official Practice Test
    5) Skillsoft Courses
    6) Azure Outline
    7) Tips and recommendations
    8) How to schedule your exam


    If prompted, use your CORP id (CORP\\USERNAME) to get content.

  • Introduction:

    • Chapter 1: The cloud, efficiency, and innovation
    • Chapter 2: Journey to the cloud: the roadmap
    • Chapter 3: Experimentation
    • Chapter 4: Migrating ITIL to the cloud
    • Chapter 5: Transformation
    • Appendix A:  Cloud architectural bludeprints
    • Appendix B: Sample technology scenarios
    • Appendix C: Recommended references

  • MetaArc - Elevator Pitch
    Intro to MetaArc - Hybrid IT + K5
    What is Hybrid IT
    Positioning Hybrid IT
    What is K5
    Positioning K5 laaS
    Positioning K5 PaaS
    Positioning Multi-Cloud Management
    Intro to IoT

  • Learn more about our Fujitsu Cloud Services K5.
    You must login with the G05 domain name instead of the default CORP
    eg. G05\\xxxxxx

  • Learn about K5, our next-generation cloud platform specifically designed for enterprise customers and one of the four sets of capabilities within our MetaArc portfolio.
    You must login with the G05 domain name instead of the default CORP
    eg. G05\\xxxxxx

  • Learn about our MetaArc digital enablement platform, Hybrid IT and K5
    There is a certification exam for each module.
    Login: same as your login to your laptop, be sure to select G05 in the dropdown menu when prompted.

  • This session helped us discover how Fujitsu's new Cloud Service K5 aligns with our Managed Hybrid IT services to help customers exploit the enormous potential of digital business and maximize the value of existing core systems.



    You must log in with your G05\\username credentials (instead of Corp\\username)

  • 1) Etat de l'art

    • Le monde du big data

    D'où le big data vient-il ? Combien pèse-t-il dans le monde, en Europe,
    en France ? Comment l'État et les entreprises l'appréhendent-ils ?
    Quelles perspectives ? Qu'est-ce qu'une approche data centric ?
    • Big data et analyse prédictive
    • Comment la veille se remet en question face au big data
    • Big data et intelligence artificielle
    • Quelle normalisation pour le big data ?
    • Développement et perspectives de l'open data en France
    • Petit panorama d'initiatives open data
    • Droit : qu'est-ce qu'une donnée ?
    • Droit : enjeux des données personnelles

     2) Méthode
    • Mise en place de stratégies big data dans les entreprises
    • Les meilleures pratiques big data
    • Comment ouvrir ses données

     3) Outils
    • Les projets de learning centers
    • Le marché du big data et ses acteurs
    • Panorama des acteurs du big data et de la datavisualisation (fiches)

    4) Retours d'Expérience
    •  L'Argus de la presse, BlaBlacar, M6...

  • Application Development with Visual Studio Team Services

    90 min

    This will cover Visual Studio Team Services functionality for creating a development repository TFS/Git or using an external repository (GitHub/SVN), including branching (Dev/QA/Staging/Prod), continuous integration with deployments and release management.

    Unit Testing and Load Testing with Visual Studio Team Services

    30 min

    This will show how to integrate unit testing and load testing into your continuous integration within Visual Studio Team Services.

    Application Insights in Azure

    30 min

    This will show how to setup your applications to send user insights, custom events, and debug information to Application Insights, as well as show how to view general health of your applications and setup alerting.


    10 min


    Application Development Security in Azure

    30 min

    This covers general best practices for security when developing applications in Azure, as well as covering Key Vault.

    DevOps in Azure for IT Pros



    90 min

    This is designed as a high-level overview for IT Pros to show how to automate the deployment and management of IaaS and PaaS services in Azure.  This will cover working with PowerShell, ARM Templates, REST APIs, DSC, Automation, and Chef/Puppet.

  • Representatives from IB regions around the world met in Sunnyvale, California in October 2013 for training and collaboration to accelerate sales growth across Fujitsu global solutions. A key output from this session is the exchange of customer success stories from around the world. In preparation for this intensive week, all participants attended a series of webinars in advance to raise the level of awareness and understanding of our cloud strategy and key cloud offerings including case studies.

    Copies of the slides used in these briefings and recordings of the webinars are now available to all Fujitsu. Links to the available material can be found in the attached. The briefings cover:

    • IaaS Trusted Public S5
    • Backup as a Service (BaaS)
    • IaaS Private Hosted
    • RunMyProcess (RMP)
    • Cloud Enablement Services (CES)
    • IT Management as a Service (ITMaaS)
    • Private Cloud Infrastructure
    • FNA explaining ITMaaS sales win at Toyota Boshoku America

    Each briefing includes:

    1. Overview of the Offering
    2. Fujitsu's Value Proposition
    3. Competitive analysis - how we differentiate/beat the competition
    4. Target customer
    5. Case studies and examples of what clients are achieving
    6. Who to contact for help and more information

  • The most perfect system can fail if the change is not managed.
    Throughout the earlier phases of solution delivery, Macroscope reminds us of things that can pave the way for a successful implementation. In the implementation phase, all those preparations are brought to conclusion. In addition to the mechanics of conversion, installation and set-up, we see a strong emphasis on the organizational change - communication, training, work redesign, etc.
    This event familiarizes learners with the implementation phase and its deliverables and also reinforces the need to prepare for implementation throughout the solution delivery process.

  • Presentation material form IDUG 2012 North America sessions.
    There are 3 streams:-
    - sessions for DB2 LUW (Linux, Unix & Windows)
    - sessions for DB2 z/OS (i.e. mainframe)
    - sessions for both platforms

    *** Use WITHIN Fujitsu only please, do not share outside ! ***

  • Presentation material form IDUG 2012 North America sessions.
    There are 3 streams:-
    - sessions for DB2 LUW (Linux, Unix & Windows)
    - sessions for DB2 z/OS (i.e. mainframe)
    - sessions for both platforms

    *** Use WITHIN Fujitsu only please, do not share outside ! **

  • Presentation material form IDUG  2012 North America sessions.
    There are 3 streams:-
    - sessions for DB2 LUW (Linux, Unix & Windows)
    - sessions for DB2 z/OS (i.e. mainframe)
    - sessions for both platforms

    *** Use WITHIN Fujitsu only please, do not share outside ! **

  • CSA Tools
    Security Guide
    GRC (Governance, Risk management and Compliance)
    Cloud Control Matrix
    CAI Questionnaire (Consensus Assessment Initiative)
    Cloud Audit
    Cloud Trust Protocol

  • Presentation material form IDUG 2010 and 2011 North America sessions.
    There are 3 streams:-
    - sessions for DB2 LUW (Linux, Unix & Windows)
    - sessions for DB2 z/OS (i.e. mainframe)
    - sessions for both platforms

    *** Use WITHIN Fujitsu only please, do not share outside ! **

  • Presentation material form IDUG 2010 and 2011 North America sessions.
    There are 3 streams:-
    - sessions for DB2 LUW (Linux, Unix & Windows)
    - sessions for DB2 z/OS (i.e. mainframe)
    - sessions for both platforms

    *** Use WITHIN Fujitsu only please, do not share outside ! **

  • Presentation material form IDUG 2010 and 2011 North America sessions.
    There are 3 streams:-
    - sessions for DB2 LUW (Linux, Unix & Windows)
    - sessions for DB2 z/OS (i.e. mainframe)
    - sessions for both platforms

    *** Use WITHIN Fujitsu only please, do not share outside ! ***

  • See the Microsoft solution to manage your Private Cloud Infrastructure.

  • In this session we'll take the concepts introduced in Part 1 and go even deeper. We'll provide a technical overview of the new application model and end-user application catalog that delivers this flexible working environment. Learn how best to design and deploy an optimized Configuration Manager 2012 infrastructure as well as some best practices and tools for migrating from SCCM 2007.

  • Are you ready for Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager? We are excited about our most important release ever for client administrators. Configuration Manager 2012 is user-centric, manages heterogeneous devices and introduces a new way to deploy applications; these capabilities will help you enable the Consumerization of IT, reduce costs, and drive agility for your organization. But there is more...a NEW interface, improved setting management, role-based administration, and infrastructure reduction. Get up to speed on all the key new capabilities of Configuration Manager 2012. We'll also provide a quick overview of Windows Intune, for those looking for a cloud based management for their unmanaged PCs.

  • End users are bringing consumer devices into the organization! iPhones, iPads, Tablets and Smartphones are now part of the corporate environment. New desktop technologies such as VDI, Tablets, Consumerization, among other pressures, are causing many IT environments to consider re-architecting their desktop infrastructure. Learn how to separate myths from facts, learn how to develop a strategy focused on meeting your users desktop requirements based on roles / personas, rather than implying that one technology fits all, and discover Microsoft and partner solutions that enable a Flexible Workstyle.

  • Learn how to make the magic from the keynote come to life for your organization. Get an overview of the key improvements in System Center 2012, the design principles for 2012, how those features will benefit your organization, and finally how you can implement within your organization to achieve business value.

  • 1st presentation in a complete set of 8.
    Cloud computing and the delivery of true IT as a Service is one of the most profound industry shifts in decades. Join Jeff Woolsey, Principle Program Manager, Microsoft's Management and Security Division, as he shares Microsoft's vision for cloud computing and shows how System Center 2012, as part of the Microsoft private cloud, will enable you to deliver the promise of cloud computing in your organization today.

  • This content was submitted by André Thouin.

    How to get a Portal ID to access Salesforce training videos.
    Also, how to register for a Certification exam - via Certification center or Online.

  • Fujitsu can draw on its innovative and comprehensive hardware, software and services portfolio to develop personalized solutions for every customer. This is precisely where our strength lies: Fujitsu does not provide off-the-rack IT environments; instead we always find new and ambitious solutions, and together with our customers, develop tailored strategies.

  • This content was recommended by Pierre Hamel.

    Cloud is only one of a dozen trends listed here, but it is integral to most of them, so the bigger picture must always be considered as we make our plans.

  • This content was recommended by Pierre Hamel.

    Gartner predictions for cloud security, e.g.: ""By 2016, 40% of enterprises will make proof of independent security testing a precondition for using any type of cloud service.""

  • This content was submitted by André Thouin.

    This Power Point presentation contains the latest wins from the New York office that pertain to Salesforce in various industries but mostly, the financial services sector. It is available to help turn our RFP's into winning proposals.

  • This content was recommended by Pierre Hamel.

    Presentation by IDC while trying to sell us their cloud wares; lots of good charts/graphs.

  • This content was recommended by Pierre Hamel.

    Data location and regulations are leading to buying cloud services based on location. Our competitors, such as T-Systems ("TrustedCloud") are using this issue as competitive differentiation. The analyst also suggests other ideas for competitive differentiation around encryption. Trend: Use of EU model contract language as part of cloud contracts will be increasingly common.

  • This content was recommended by Pierre Hamel.

    This is a dense, data-rich piece of research about application development, including cloud. I received this when asking for information on legacy modernization specifically to the cloud. Includes data on application portfolio moving to cloud.

  • This content was recommended by Pierre Hamel.

    IDC's latest cloud forecasts, assumptions, trends in cloud; a subset of a larger presentation about IDC's cloud program.

  • This content was recommended by Pierre Hamel.

    Alsbridge's cloud predictions. They are a "3rd party advisor" to enterprises, so this has a pragmatic enterprise slant.

  • This content was recommended by Pierre Hamel.

    There are three current "de facto" standards for cloud IaaS: Amazon Web Services, VMware, and the emerging OpenStack. Standardization will not be settled across the industry for at least three years.

  • This content was recommended by Pierre Hamel.

    IDC's cloud predictions
    (e.g., "Cloud services and enablement spending will hit $60 billion, growing at 26%."
    "Amazon Web Services will join the $1 billion IT cloud services club."
    "Over 80% of new apps will be distributed / deployed on clouds.")

  • This content was recommended by Pierre Hamel.

    451's predictions about cloud in 2012. They see security fears as SLOWLY abating and that the argument that the cloud is MORE secure than your own data center (making cloud security more of a plus than a minus and turning it into an ENABLER of cloud) is starting to gain traction

  • This content was recommended by Pierre Hamel.

    A data-rich study of who is buying cloud and why. Aimed at vendors trying to figure out their targeting criteria and sales/marketing targets.

  • This content was recommended by Pierre Hamel.

    Cloud computing is a broad topic, with various issues regarding types of cloud computing and the scope of deployment. Everyone has a perspective and an opinion, confusion is rampant and, in many instances, misconceptions continue amid its adoption. Here, we offer our latest predictions concerning the future of cloud computing.

  • This content was recommended by Pierre Hamel.

    This is a very interesting case study about how a major electronics retailer with both online and in-store presence used AWS as a business continuity solution: Choice of technology, architecture of solution, use of Amazon, success factors, and lessons learned.

  • This content was submitted by André Thouin

    Learn how to present a good sales pitch for a presentation to a Foundation, University Alma Mater Fund or large-scale Charity organizations.

  • This content was submitted by André Thouin

    Peter Blasina, Australia's GadgetGuy, discovers how Bruce Loxton, owner of Kimberley Kampers, has been able to grow his business from 4 to 20 million in turnover, while operating out of his wife's clothing store. With his factory nearly 900 miles away, and a sales team spread across Australia, Bruce uses his iPad, the cloud, Salesforce and some customised applications from the App Exchange to stay on top of operations - and ahead of his competitors.

  • This content was submitted by André Thouin

    Recording of a live demo with Salesforce Foundation partner roundCorner. roundCorner demonstrates how their product roundCampus is being utilized at top-tier universities for corporate relations, advancement, recruiting and career services. Presented by Dan Lammot, Founding Partner of roundCorner.

  • This content was recommended by Pierre Hamel.

    This high-quality asset provides Fujitsu opinion on the future of technology, as well as the societal impact of these evolving capabilities. It is designed to help our customer-facing teams engage in high-value conversations on the key forces shaping the industry and how Fujitsu is responding.

    Mobile technologies, cloud services, business use of social media and explosive data growth are driving major change in 2012 and beyond. Technology Perspectives breaks these down into twelve distinct business and technology trends and considers how they are shaping the future. The trends support and reinforce Fujitsu's vision and strategy, and complementary Fujitsu innovations are highlighted throughout. The new content has been created by David Smith and David Gentle from our Innovation and Technology team and will be enhanced and updated on a regular basis, in collaboration with the regional CTO community and Fujitsu Japan.

  • This content was submitted by Tuck Goh.

    Virtualization separates applications, desktops, machines, networks, data and services from their physical constraints. Virtualization is an evolving concept, encompassing a broad range of technologies, tools, and methods, and can bring significant operational benefits to organizations that choose to leverage them. As with any evolving technology, however, the risks also continue to evolve and are often less understood than risks associated with more traditional technologies.

    The intent of this Information Supplement is to provide guidance on the use of virtualization in accordance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). For the purposes of this paper, all references are made to the PCI DSS version 2.0.

  • This content was submitted by Annick Savard.

    We leverage the combination of cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS), with its emphasis on productively creating well-tested, maintainable, reusable code, to let "one-pizza" teams of Berkeley undergrads design, develop, test, and deploy their own SaaS applications. Iteration-based agile development rewards regular progress, test-first design results in students actually enjoying testing, and cloud computing showcases deployed projects to friends, colleagues, and future employers, all while students absorb "big ideas" such as higher-order programming and metaprogramming.
    I'll also discuss other uses of cloud computing at Berkeley from lower-division through graduate CS courses.

  • This content was recommended by Pierre Hamel.

    Cloud computing is heralding a new information age. We wander the web, carefree, creating and consuming data as we go. But further than that, our daily movements, even our thoughts are leaving behind a trail of data in their wake. Cloud computing is changing the way we live our lives, putting information into the heart of everything we do, wherever we go.
    So just how comfortable are we in this changing world? And what do we need to equip ourselves?

  • This content was recommended by Pierre Hamel.

    At Fujitsu, we pride ourselves on being a forward-looking company that not only seeks to anticipate the future, but also to form it. We do this through close cooperation with our customers in order to meet their needs today and tomorrow.

    We want to put you in the driver's seat by making it easier to obtain the insight and tools needed to prepare for a competitive future. Together, we can work toward realizing your vision for serving your customers.
    Our vision is to develop and build networks of intelligent systems that work together in a way that touches and improves everyday life for people all around the globe. To make that a reality, we invest significant resources to identify the patterns of change that are paving the way for the future.

  • This content was recommended by Pierre Hamel.

    Cloud computing is a game-changing development for the ICT industry and has major implications for us all. For some, cloud computing evokes fear of change and of loss of control. For others, it is an opportunity for new services that make life easier. Fujitsu's vision of a human-centric intelligent society relies on the kind of scale and ubiquity that the cloud paradigm is able to deliver - both to individuals and to society as a whole.

  • This content was recommended by Pierre Hamel.

    How to embrace a hybrid cloud model to maximize the benefits of public and private cloud services while satisfying local data regulations, security and on-premise integration requirements.

  • This content was recommended by Pierre Hamel.

    This document produced by Fujitsu UK office, cuts through the market hype, acronyms and buzzwords to clearly explain the different cloud models on offer. It also provides a mechanism to determine which IT applications and businessservices to migrate into the cloud, setting out best practice and practical approaches for cloud adoption.

  • This content was submitted by Jean-Yann Riviere.

    As cloud computing begins to mature, managing the opportunities and security challenges becomes crucial to business development.
    Cloud Security Alliance guidance in its third edition seeks to establish a stable, secure baseline for cloud operations.

    Cloud Security Alliance is :
    Global, not-for-profit organization
    Over 23,000 individual members, 100 corporate members, 50 chapters

    Corporate members : Google, Ebay, AT&T, CA, HP, Hitachi, Microsoft, PGP, Novell, RSA, Symantec, Thales etc...

  • No matter what the industry, events invariably become a focus for company news and Fujitsu Forum is no exception.

  • Pierre Hamel recommends this document produced by Fujitsu.

    It provides a global Cloud overview and explains what are:
    - Fujitsu free trial
    - Fujitsu Cloud advisory services - Executive summary
    - Fujitsu Cloud advisory services - The how

  • This document shows the new challenges facing developers to deploy applications in the cloud. This method of deployment is actually being increasingly recommended by businesses

  • This document presents the tools available on the standard Java platform (API) for access to relational databases (JPA). The JPA platform was successfully adopted by many major industry leaders, contrary to proprietary platforms, which limit portability of integration in existing applications.

  • This document provides an overview of the target modules for Java EE 7 and the Oracle approach to integrate the principle of PaaS (Platform as a Service) into the Web containers.

  • This document presented at Oracle Open World 2010 by Naoki Izuta shows the extent of Fujitsu's offering in SPARC type servers.

  • This document describes a Java EE6 programming workshop

  • This document introduces techniques for deploying Java EE 6 applications with the GlassFish application server

  • Since the Oracle buyback of SUN, many changes have been made in the Java and Open Source system.
    This document describes the status of Java since the Oracle buyback of SUN.

  • Sales fact sheet on business drivers and Fujitsu global cloud platform service offering

  • Rich Marcelo's presentation on Fujitsu's Cloud Strategy from Dallas Sales Kickoff Meeting - Spring 2011

    Cloud Computing is:
    - Self Serviced
    - Shared Standard Service
    - Pay as you go model
    - Elastic, scalable quickness
    - Secure and Compliant
    - Accessible via internet or intranet

  • Infrastructure as a Service is the corner stone in Fujitsu's cloud services. IaaS provides the flexibility and cost effectiveness much anticipated by business and crucially delivers the security, resilience and performance required for live business systems hosting. Watch the video below to learn more.

  • Join us at this exclusive discussion event, hosted by Fujitsu and Citrix, to discover how you can build a truly compelling business case for cloud-enabled desktop services