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  • This session outlines the new Onboarding process implemented for Fujitsu North America companies. 
    It explains Manager responsibilities, HR Business Partner responsibilities and the features of the new program. 

  • Support pratique a pour objectif d'introduire aux techniques de gestion de projet dont la maîtrise est indispensable aux cadres de l'entreprise moderne. Il intéressera également les praticiens d'entreprises désireux d'acquérir ou de compléter leurs connaissances en gestion.

    Plan de formation :
    - Introduction à la gestion de projet : 1 jour ;
    - MS Project : 3 à 4 jours ;
    - Autres : 5 à 13 jours ;

    • Unlawful Harrassment 
    • Definitions
    • Sexual Harrassment
    • Hostile Work Environmment
    • Your Role
    • Public Cases
    • Court Cases


  • Le management agile prend son envol en réponse à l'environnement turbulent, complexe et imprévisible. Ce contexte où les changements se succèdent à un rythme effréné, nécessite régulièrement des réactions rapides de la part des organisations.

  • Intended Audience
    The term "technical interview" is slightly misleading, but it is the term used throughout Fujitsu. It refers to the interview performed by an experienced practitioner - to determine whether the applicant has the skills to do the work. In addition to skills involving technical matters, this can refer to general consulting skills, leadership skills and interpersonal skills, etc. The course assumes that somebody else has overall responsibility for candidate selection - the technical interviewer provides input into the selection decision. 

    The course is intended for anybody who will be asked to perform technical interviews. 


    • Introduction
    • Fujitsu Technical Interviews-background & target best practices
    • Why work for Fujitsu
    • Behavioural Interviewing
    • Selling the Opportunity
    • Conclusion

  • This video doesn't exist in English.

  • In the past decade, several enterprises have focused on improving both technology and work processes in order to enhance their efficiency. However, greater success has been reached by those having developed an important element within their organization: leadership.
    Engaging leaders are an inspiration to others thanks to their authenticity, commitment to people and passion for work.

  • This seminar targets competencies of workshop facilitation and emphasizes the role of the facilitator, who holds the key to any effective workshop. The seminar addresses the activities and deliverables for which the facilitator is responsible.
    The main goal of the seminar is to have learners acquire the competencies necessary to act as workshop facilitators. Moreover, the training techniques used will provide the learner with opportunities to practice facilitation skills and the presentation techniques.

  • What is time?
    What is a priority?
    What about stress?
    Barriers to effective time management and priorities
    The causes
    The consequences
    Concrete tools
    How to change your habits?
    Build an action plan

  • This training event familiarizes the learner with certain basic concepts in communication. It provides methods and tools to improve communication with clients, colleagues at work, bosses or hierarchical subordinates, by focusing on perception, effective listening and feedback techniques as well as tools. This training also deals with recognition techniques. Discussions, games and role-play exercises adapted to different types of participants are also used as pedagogical tools. Situations having previously generated discomfort will also be addressed.

  • This content was submitted by Susan Assad.

    For the first time in corporate history, 4 generations are currently working side-by-side. How is this affecting corporate reality? How are TOP MANAGERS dealing with this new challenge?
    Find out about what MOTIVATES each generation and the ACTIONS which must be taken to ensure top performance and employee engagement.

  • This content was suggested by Sempai Team.

    Integrated Resource Management (IRM) is proving to be an innovative method to optimize all available resources to provide effective long term solutions to national and regional problems offering immense benefits.
    Go Through these examples to get insight Into IRM Plan year.

  • This content was submitted by Raphaël Baril

    This document presents the basic concepts of change management.
    - What is the change?
    - How to change?
    - Change Management in the Public Sector

  • This content was submitted by Raphaël Baril.

    This article presents a literature review about the resistance to change.
    Definitions are facing. An analysis of events, causes and consequences of resistance to change is made.
    A critical review of the concept of resistance to change is presented as well as some exploratory tracks.

  • Have you ever written what you thought was a clear, concise email only to have others interpret it quite differently? Just as traditional body language is crucial for getting your spoken message across, virtual body language can make or break written communications.

  • If you've ever been nervous about answering business emails, now is the time for you to learn tips and tricks to help you keep that sparkling professional image! Here we'll talk about format, spelling and grammar, and how to keep a perfect tone when responding to clients and those in the workplace.

    If you've never replied to a formal email, or you're just unsure of how you should go about professionally answering emails, let me steer you in the right direction. You'll learn some important tips and tricks for maintaining your professional image, as well as standard protocol for writing formal letters, both which are absolutely necessary for responding to emails.

  • This content was submitted by Eric Le Gallais.

    Jason Fried has a radical theory of working: that the office isn't a good place to do it. He lays out the main problems (call them the M&Ms) and offers three suggestions to make work work:
    - No-talk-thursday
    - Switch from active communication to passive communication
    - Cancel your meetings

  • Remember that you have to adapt your leadership style based on the people and teams you are working with.

    There are four styles of leadership that you can use based on your employees' technical and psychological maturity level:
    - Persuasive
    - Directive
    - Delegatory
    - Participatory

  • Using tips and tools, you will be able to :
    Explain the steps of successful delegation
    Determine the main ways to ensure that the tasks delegated are carried out properly

  • The characteristics of an effective team, forming a team, instilling and maintaining an atmosphere of trust, boostign team spirit and consistency