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  • DevOps is a popular set of principles and techniques that are being promoted within Fujitsu, to be adapted to the context of client and engagement.

    The course provides an introduction to current DevOps principles, practices, vocabulary and supporting automation.

    This course is mapped to a corresponding certification offered by the DevOps Institute. We use course materials provided by DOI. After attending this course, the participant will be eligible to take the DevOps Foundation certification exam.

  • This webinar focuses on how you can become a member of the Lean IT Association (LITA). Learn about LITA's growing portfolio of distinct certifications. Understand the steps to becoming an Accredited Training Organization, Affiliate Training Organization, Accredited / Associate Trainer. Plus our Go-to-Market and Enablement Programs available to you. (Recorded on June 30th, 2015)
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  • Cliquer sur "Accès" pour consulter le syllabus.

    Cette formation est conçue spécifiquement pour ceux et celles qui sont impliqués, de près ou de loin, dans l'amélioration de l'efficacité et de la qualité des services dispensés.

  • Cette formation est conçue spécifiquement pour les acteurs clés du déploiement de la culture Lean Six Sigma, ou de l'optimisation des processus avec les principes Lean Six Sigma.
    Cette formation d'adresse aux gestionnaires, professionnels, leaders de projets et agents d'amélioration.

  • This book is an attempt to show that we can postulate a very small number of assumptions and utilize them to explain a very large spectrum of industrial phenomena. You the reader can judge whether or not the logic of the book's derivation from its assumptions to the phenomena we see daily in our plants is so flawless that you call it common sense. Incidentally, common sense is not so common and is the highest praise we give to a chain of logical conclusions. If you do, you basically have taken science from the ivory tower of academia and put it where it belongs, within the reach of every one of us and made it applica- ble to what we see around us.

    What I have attempted to show with this book is that no exceptional brain power is needed to construct a new science or to expand on an existing one. What is needed is just the courage to face inconsistencies and to avoid running away from them just because "that's the way it was always done". I dared to interweave into the book a family life struggle, which I assume is quite famil- iar to any manager who is to some extent obsessed with his work. This was not done just to make the book more popular, but to highlight the fact that we tend to disqualify many phenomena of nature as irrelevent as far as science is concerned.
    I have also attempted to show in the book the meaning of education. I sincerely believe that the only way we can learn is through our deductive process. Presenting us with final conclu- sions is not a way that we learn. At best it is a way that we are trained. That's why I tried to deliver the message contained in the book in the Socratic way. Jonah, in spite of his knowledge of the solutions, provoked Alex to derive them by supplying the question marks instead of the exclamation marks. I believe that because of this method, you the reader will deduce the answers well before Alex Rogo succeeds in doing so.

  • Learn more about Lean:

    • History
    • Principles
    • Action Plan
    • Common questions

  • Inspired from a book by Mary and Tom Poppendieck, this presentation is an adaptation of the Lean Approach based on the Toyota Production System in the IT domain.
    Once the 7 Lean Software Development principles are revisited, 24 imaged viewpoints will provide a different approach to dealing with possible problems encountered in the field of IT.

  • ·     Become familiar with the Lean Service approach
    Assess the potential of applying the approach in your organization
    ·     Experience first hand how the integration of how Lean tools can make a significant difference in your performance
    ·     Discover the benefits of reorganizing your sector with Lean concepts

  • Joe Justice applies current software development principles to manufacture, achieving extraordinary results in designing a high efficiency and high performance automobile.

  • This content was submitted by Ivar Alexander.

    Thought Leadership Presentation:
    This session will cover the latest Automated Process Discovery (APD) technology available from Fujitsu.

    This latest release includes process discovery technology, and adds new management aspects by providing ongoing monitoring and governance of the processes in place.

    The presentation will cover a high level view of the capabilities and architecture of the solution.

  • This document presented at Oracle Open World 2010 by Naoki Izuta shows the extent of Fujitsu's offering in SPARC type servers.

  • This blog is dedicated to those large and highly successful enterprises with the courage to reinvent themselves. Embrace Uncertainty!

  • A lean approach to delivering application services coupled with appropriate resourcing can help enterprises survive and sustain in trying times and be fit and ready for expansion when economic conditions improve.