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  • Power BI: experience your data
    Live dashboards and reports
    Mobile Apps
    Get started quickly
    Training Resources
    Power BI - Connecting to D365

  • elearning

    • Configuring OpenStack
    • Implementing OpenStack
    • OpenStack User Case Studies
    • Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure Overview (Video)

    Partner Learning
    • Red Hat Openstack Administration I (CL210)
    • Red Hat OpenStack Administration III (CL311)

    Free from the Vendor
    • Red Hat OpenStack Platform technical overview
    • Defining the cloud (with demon)
    • Defining the Red Hat OpenStack Platform
    • Use case:  IaaS and a private cloud
    • Compute in Red Hat OpenStack Platform (with demo)
    • Storage in Red Hat OpenStack Platform
    • Use case: Object storage with streaming video
    • Network in Red Hat OpenStack Platform
    • Use case: Networking in telecommunications
    • Highly available Red Hat OpenStack Platform
    • Deploying Red Hat OpenStack Platform

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  • eLearning

    • Advanced Networking
    • The Command Line
    • Boot Process and Installation
    • Processes, Networking, and Logging
    • The Environment
    • Scripting and Scheduling
    • Introduction to Virtualization
    • File Systems and Device Management
    • Remote Connections and Access
    • SELinux and Troubleshooting

    Free From the Vendor
    • Solutions and Products
    • Linux Tutorial for Beginners 2015
    • Developers and Demos
    • Containerize your Datacentre
    • Enterprise Linux Management
    • Customer Reference Videos

    Reading Materials
    • Reference Architecture
    • Whitepapers
    • Red Hat Linux Desktop Data Sheet
    • Case Studies
    • Infographics

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  • Free from the vendor:

    • Introduction to Cloud Foundry
    • Cloud Foundry 101
    • Containers 101
    • Microservices

    Reading Materials:
    • Cloud Foundry Features
    • Router
    • Authentication
    • Cloud Controller
    • HM9000
    • Application Execution (DEA)
    • Blob Store
    • Service Brokers
    • Message Bus
    • Logging and Statistics

    Communities and Blogs
    • Cloud Foundry User Case Studies
    • Cloud Foundry Community Blog

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  • Day 1 Oracle Migration

    • Migration as a Business
    • Migration Bootcamp SQL Server 2016 is Enterprise Ready
    • Migration Bootcamp - Oracle and SQL Technical Comparison
    • Licensing
    • Migration Business Case Assessment
    • Migration Methodology
    • Program Support and Navigating Microsoft

    Day 2 Oracle Migration
    • Oracle Essentials Getting Started
    • Oracle Essentials Physical Architecture
    • Migration Fundamentals
    • Oracle Essentials Database Structures
    • Oracle Essentials Programming
    • Oracle Essentials Programming

    Day 3 Oracle Migration
    • Database Development and Schema Conversion
    • Oracle Essentials Performance
    • Oracle Essentials High Availability and Disaster Recovery
    • Data Synchronization
    • SSIS Architecture and concepts
    • Data - EyeChart

     Day 4 Oracle Migration
    • Application Patterns - Case Studies
    • Application Patterns - Application Layers
    • Performance Proofing in SQL Server
    • Performance Tuning in SQL Server (Part 1)
    • Performance Proofing in SQL Server (Part 2)

    • Lab 1 Oracle Essentials
    • Lab 2 Migration Fundamentals
    • Lab 3 Schema Development
    • Lab 4 Data Motion SSIS
    • Lab 5 Application Conversion
    • Lab 6.1 Performance Data Collection
    • Lab 6.2 Performance Issue Detection and Resolution
    • Migration Bootcamp Lab Starter

  • You will find:
    1) Warm up training sessions
    2) Dedicated courses in preparation for exam 70-534
    3) Official Study Guide Book
    4) Official Practice Test
    5) Skillsoft Courses
    6) Azure Outline
    7) Tips and recommendations
    8) How to schedule your exam


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  • MetaArc - Elevator Pitch
    Intro to MetaArc - Hybrid IT + K5
    What is Hybrid IT
    Positioning Hybrid IT
    What is K5
    Positioning K5 laaS
    Positioning K5 PaaS
    Positioning Multi-Cloud Management
    Intro to IoT

  • Learn more about our Fujitsu Cloud Services K5.
    You must login with the G05 domain name instead of the default CORP
    eg. G05\\xxxxxx

  • Learn about K5, our next-generation cloud platform specifically designed for enterprise customers and one of the four sets of capabilities within our MetaArc portfolio.
    You must login with the G05 domain name instead of the default CORP
    eg. G05\\xxxxxx

  • Learn about our MetaArc digital enablement platform, Hybrid IT and K5
    There is a certification exam for each module.
    Login: same as your login to your laptop, be sure to select G05 in the dropdown menu when prompted.

  • This session helped us discover how Fujitsu's new Cloud Service K5 aligns with our Managed Hybrid IT services to help customers exploit the enormous potential of digital business and maximize the value of existing core systems.



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  • Application Development with Visual Studio Team Services

    90 min

    This will cover Visual Studio Team Services functionality for creating a development repository TFS/Git or using an external repository (GitHub/SVN), including branching (Dev/QA/Staging/Prod), continuous integration with deployments and release management.

    Unit Testing and Load Testing with Visual Studio Team Services

    30 min

    This will show how to integrate unit testing and load testing into your continuous integration within Visual Studio Team Services.

    Application Insights in Azure

    30 min

    This will show how to setup your applications to send user insights, custom events, and debug information to Application Insights, as well as show how to view general health of your applications and setup alerting.


    10 min


    Application Development Security in Azure

    30 min

    This covers general best practices for security when developing applications in Azure, as well as covering Key Vault.

    DevOps in Azure for IT Pros



    90 min

    This is designed as a high-level overview for IT Pros to show how to automate the deployment and management of IaaS and PaaS services in Azure.  This will cover working with PowerShell, ARM Templates, REST APIs, DSC, Automation, and Chef/Puppet.

  • Liste de commandes VMware PowerCLI sous forme de tableau.

  • In this session we'll take the concepts introduced in Part 1 and go even deeper. We'll provide a technical overview of the new application model and end-user application catalog that delivers this flexible working environment. Learn how best to design and deploy an optimized Configuration Manager 2012 infrastructure as well as some best practices and tools for migrating from SCCM 2007.

  • Are you ready for Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager? We are excited about our most important release ever for client administrators. Configuration Manager 2012 is user-centric, manages heterogeneous devices and introduces a new way to deploy applications; these capabilities will help you enable the Consumerization of IT, reduce costs, and drive agility for your organization. But there is more...a NEW interface, improved setting management, role-based administration, and infrastructure reduction. Get up to speed on all the key new capabilities of Configuration Manager 2012. We'll also provide a quick overview of Windows Intune, for those looking for a cloud based management for their unmanaged PCs.

  • End users are bringing consumer devices into the organization! iPhones, iPads, Tablets and Smartphones are now part of the corporate environment. New desktop technologies such as VDI, Tablets, Consumerization, among other pressures, are causing many IT environments to consider re-architecting their desktop infrastructure. Learn how to separate myths from facts, learn how to develop a strategy focused on meeting your users desktop requirements based on roles / personas, rather than implying that one technology fits all, and discover Microsoft and partner solutions that enable a Flexible Workstyle.

  • Fujitsu can draw on its innovative and comprehensive hardware, software and services portfolio to develop personalized solutions for every customer. This is precisely where our strength lies: Fujitsu does not provide off-the-rack IT environments; instead we always find new and ambitious solutions,
    and together with our customers, develop tailored strategies.

  • This content was suggested by Sempai Team.

    Virtualization is the latest in business computing trends that promises reduced costs, increased efficiency and a greener tomorrow. To learn more on how your business can benefit from it and what your options are, we've gathered a collection of articles full of info!

  • This content was submitted by Tuck Goh.

    Virtualization separates applications, desktops, machines, networks, data and services from their physical constraints. Virtualization is an evolving concept, encompassing a broad range of technologies, tools, and methods, and can bring significant operational benefits to organizations that choose to leverage them. As with any evolving technology, however, the risks also continue to evolve and are often less understood than risks associated with more traditional technologies.

    The intent of this Information Supplement is to provide guidance on the use of virtualization in accordance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). For the purposes of this paper, all references are made to the PCI DSS version 2.0.

  • Overview of the concept of virtualization with Oracle GlassFish Server

  • Ce document présenté à Oracle Open World 2010 par Naoki Izuta montre l'étendu de l'offre de Fujitsu pour les serveurs de type SPARC.

  • Google spend a lot of time in improving energy effeciency in their Datacenter. For information, Google use more than 2 000 000 MW per year, so it's really a matter to them to cut that spending.

  • Infrastructure as a Service is the corner stone in Fujitsu's cloud services. IaaS provides the flexibility and cost effectiveness much anticipated by business and crucially delivers the security, resilience and performance required for live business systems hosting. Watch the video below to learn more.

  • Join us at this exclusive discussion event, hosted by Fujitsu and Citrix, to discover how you can build a truly compelling business case for cloud-enabled desktop services