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  • Fit4Digital Training

  • Recorded webinars, meetings and various training links.

  • Agile and DevOps practices and culture are key to the success of Fujitsu Americas. The Agile/DevOps Center of Excellence has identified a number of key learning resources that should help you move through proficiency levels

  • While the focus for many Fujitsu projects involves the delivery of IT solutions, managing and delivering the related business transformation is a core service and skill set within Fujitsu.

    Business Transformation takes many forms and names, such as organizational development, organizational design, change management, process redesign.  It ensures that a cohesive solution is created that enables clients to fully realize the benefit and value from their programme investments.  The intent for the PM Delivery Forum presentation is to provide an overview of a recently completed business transformation project to demonstrate why understanding and managing the business side of an IT project is critical to success for both project managers and clients."
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    • DevOps is one of the critical capability of an enterprise but most often misunderstood or not completely understood. This presentation provides an overall picture of DevOps and its core components. Provides insights into what a PM should understand and plan, for a successful execution of a DevOps/Cloud Migration projects.  This presentation also covers Comerica use case by elaborating challenges faced and how Fujitsu navigated these challenges to pave the path of success, with careful and systematic execution."


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      DevOps Presentation PDF

    • Understand what Internet of Things are? 
    • Controlling home appliances from anywhere in the world 
    • Use some of the physical devices like Arduino and Raspberry Pi 
    • Design some of the IoT applications 
    • Attractive Dashboard design for different applications

    You MUST be connected to the Fujitsu Network to access the link below:

    Internet of Things Learning

    Contact Learning & Development  regarding costs for this training path.

  • Decision Maker

    Learn cloud fundamentals and best practices to help guide your leadership decisions

    Cloud Practitioner

    Learn cloud fundamentals and best practices


    Choose business or technical paths to learn best practices to help your customers


    Learn to design highly available systems


    Learn to develop applications for the cloud

    Operations Learn to automate applications, networks, and systems

    You MUST be connected to the Fujitsu Network to access the learning link below:

    AWS Learning Paths

    Contact Learning & Development if there are any costs associated with this training path.

    • Blockchain - the opportunity beyond the hype
    • Introductory Courses on Blockchain
    • Introductory Education and Opinions

    You must be connected to the Fujitsu network to access the learning below:

    Digital Technologies - Blockchain


    Contact Learning & Development if there are any costs associated to this training.

    • A look inside the Digital Workplace
    • Developer-oriented courses on AI
    • Introductions to the basics of AI
    • Introductory courses on AI

    To access the training below you need to be connected to the Fujitsu network.

    Digital Technologies Learning

     Contact Learning & Development if there are costs associated to this training.

  • Part 1:  Messages from Executives

    • Mr. Tatsuya Takana President
    • Mr. Shingo Kagawa SEVP, Digital Services Business
    • Mr. Norihiko Taniguchi SEVP, Global Services Integration Business
    • Mr. Duncan Tait SEVP, EMEIA Region and Americas Region

    Part 2: K5 Epansion

    • Relation between MetaArc and K5
    • FUJITSU Cloud Service K5 Overview

  • This month, the Delivery Assurance Team is excited to provide Part One of a two-part session on Banking and Blockchain. This session focuses on "Bank of the Future," which is Fujitsu's point of view on Digital Transformations in the Financial Services (FS) Industry, a key vertical for our company in 2018.

    Our guest speaker for both sessions will be Amol Selot, who heads the Fujitsu North America Financial Services vertical. He will provide an overview of recent developments in the FS Industry with changes in Business Models and technology enablers such as Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain.

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  • En raison de l'évolution rapide de l'univers numérique, Fujitsu se transforme afin d'aider ses clients à instaurer des entreprises qui dépasseront les limites traditionnelles à l'intérieur desquelles fonctionne leur industrie. Il importe que nous comprenions tous pleinement la VTSF, les orientations adoptées par notre direction et notre approche de co-création afin que nous puissions expliquer clairement la valeur de notre vision à nos clients actuels et potentiels, à nos partenaires et à toutes nos parties prenantes

    Fujitsu Technology & Service  Vision 2018 (Eng & Fr.)



    BAS Licence to Sell Application Modernization
    BAS Licence to Sell Office 365
    BAS Licence to Sell SmarTAMS
    BAS Licence to Sell Training Interstage
    BAS Licence to Sell Training Smart Factory
    All Final Decks

    DSI LIcense to Sell Digital Applications
    DSI License to Sell Digital Service Orchestration
    DSI License to Sell Glovia
    DSI License to Sell Hybrid IT Migration and Managed Services
    License to Sell K5 IaaS and PaaS

    ECS License to Sell Firewall Management
    ECS License to Sell Managed STEM
    ECS License to Sell ROBOSOC
    ECS License to Sell Security Assessment Services
    ECS License to Sell Vulnerability Management

    MIS License to Sell Intelligent Engineering
    MIS License to Sell Social Command Centre
    MIS License to Sell Social Command Centre
    MIS License to Sell Workplace Anywhere
    MIS License to Sell RPA

    RETAIL License to Sell Fresco
    RETAIL License to Sell Market Place
    RETAIL License to Sell Workforce Task Management
    License to Sell Training - Retail Store Technology
    RETAIL License to Sell TMS

    Offering ED: Retail

    Offering ED: Digital

    Offering ED: MIS

    Offering ED: BAS

    Offering ED: ECS

    Offering ED: PPG (Mobile and Enterprise)


  • Watch our Digital SaaS - ServiceNow Team go through an overview of the products and our solutions, and shares some of our most exciting ServiceNow experiences to help your customers on their Digital Transformation Journey, with an in-depth Q&A period with the team at the end.

    Fujitsu has a 7 year partnership with ServiceNow as a Gold Services Partner: implementation partner and a Re-Seller, and have done 400+ implementations globally. We deliver end-to-end ServiceNow solutions, from consultancy, implementation, integration, service orchestration and stakeholder communication, through to training and support. We are proud to be able to provide this full lifecycle support for our customer's ServiceNow implementations.

    ServiceNow is a cloud based software that provides service management-solution-as-a-service. It specializes in workflow and process automation for IT services management (ITSM), IT operations management (ITOM) and IT business management (ITBM).


    • Incident, Problem, Change and Release Management
    • Asset Management
    • Service Catalog
    • Knowledge Management


    • Discovery
    • Service Mapping
    • Cloud Management
    • Event Management
    • Orchestration


    • Demand Management
    • Resource Management
    • Project Portfolio Management
    • Agile Development

    View recording

    Here are some Knowledge17 resource links:

    Knowledge17 - TheatreNow 15-minute session:

    Title: Forget science fiction. Fujitsu can augment your reality with ServiceNow 

    For more information please visit: 

  • Context and K5 Overview

    • MetaArc Concepts and Summary
    • K5 IAAS Concepts
    • Global Infrastructure and Services.
    • Foundational Services and geographical scope of services
    • Overview of K5 PaaS Services 
    • Overview of Fujitsu Cloud Services Management

    Starting to use K5
      • Customer subscription model and scope
      • Creating a Domain and projects
      • User Accounts and Groups
      • Delegation of permission

    • Creating projects and user management

    Designing your environment - Best practices
    • Translating on traditional premises infrastructure to the K5 platform
    • Creating Networks
    • Security groups
    • Network management
    • Network Connector Service
    • Compute Resources
    • Virtual Machine types
    • Creating VMs 
    • Create and connect a storage devices
    • Establishing connection to a server / remote login

    IaaS K5 Architecting (Part I) Video 1:45

    Overview K5 - (Part 2) Video recording 20:45

  • Power BI: experience your data
    Live dashboards and reports
    Mobile Apps
    Get started quickly
    Training Resources
    Power BI - Connecting to D365

  • Day 1 Oracle Migration

    • Migration as a Business
    • Migration Bootcamp SQL Server 2016 is Enterprise Ready
    • Migration Bootcamp - Oracle and SQL Technical Comparison
    • Licensing
    • Migration Business Case Assessment
    • Migration Methodology
    • Program Support and Navigating Microsoft

    Day 2 Oracle Migration
    • Oracle Essentials Getting Started
    • Oracle Essentials Physical Architecture
    • Migration Fundamentals
    • Oracle Essentials Database Structures
    • Oracle Essentials Programming
    • Oracle Essentials Programming

    Day 3 Oracle Migration
    • Database Development and Schema Conversion
    • Oracle Essentials Performance
    • Oracle Essentials High Availability and Disaster Recovery
    • Data Synchronization
    • SSIS Architecture and concepts
    • Data - EyeChart

     Day 4 Oracle Migration
    • Application Patterns - Case Studies
    • Application Patterns - Application Layers
    • Performance Proofing in SQL Server
    • Performance Tuning in SQL Server (Part 1)
    • Performance Proofing in SQL Server (Part 2)

    • Lab 1 Oracle Essentials
    • Lab 2 Migration Fundamentals
    • Lab 3 Schema Development
    • Lab 4 Data Motion SSIS
    • Lab 5 Application Conversion
    • Lab 6.1 Performance Data Collection
    • Lab 6.2 Performance Issue Detection and Resolution
    • Migration Bootcamp Lab Starter

  • You will find:
    1) Warm up training sessions
    2) Dedicated courses in preparation for exam 70-534
    3) Official Study Guide Book
    4) Official Practice Test
    5) Skillsoft Courses
    6) Azure Outline
    7) Tips and recommendations
    8) How to schedule your exam


    If prompted, use your CORP id (CORP\\USERNAME) to get content.

  • Introduction:

    • Chapter 1: The cloud, efficiency, and innovation
    • Chapter 2: Journey to the cloud: the roadmap
    • Chapter 3: Experimentation
    • Chapter 4: Migrating ITIL to the cloud
    • Chapter 5: Transformation
    • Appendix A:  Cloud architectural bludeprints
    • Appendix B: Sample technology scenarios
    • Appendix C: Recommended references

  • By focusing on a Lean, evolutionary approach to digital transformation, RunMyProcess delivers small changes, quickly, that ultimately combine to make big things better. We are here to transform the way business works by delivering end to end digital systems that connect people, software and things.

  • MetaArc - Elevator Pitch
    Intro to MetaArc - Hybrid IT + K5
    What is Hybrid IT
    Positioning Hybrid IT
    What is K5
    Positioning K5 laaS
    Positioning K5 PaaS
    Positioning Multi-Cloud Management
    Intro to IoT

  • Learn more about our Fujitsu Cloud Services K5.
    You must login with the G05 domain name instead of the default CORP
    eg. G05\\xxxxxx

  • Learn about K5, our next-generation cloud platform specifically designed for enterprise customers and one of the four sets of capabilities within our MetaArc portfolio.
    You must login with the G05 domain name instead of the default CORP
    eg. G05\\xxxxxx

  • Learn about our MetaArc digital enablement platform, Hybrid IT and K5
    There is a certification exam for each module.
    Login: same as your login to your laptop, be sure to select G05 in the dropdown menu when prompted.

  • Play Recording

    There's a lot of talk about IoT, but few entities deliver real, customer-funded projects with clear business benefits. GlobeRanger is one of them. Having deployed solutions in more than 300 facilities, connecting more than 20,000 devices, GlobeRanger gives Fujitsu IoT credentials and a ready-to-use IoT platform. Selling IoT is different. Success starts with consultative selling: understanding the customers' operations and pain points, then delivering a business solution using technology. Focus on selling the problem you solve.Join us for our latest training session in the Americas to share how GlobeRanger delivers real and quantifiable benefits to customers.

     If you have questions or would like more information prior to the session, please contact Nabil Lodey.


  • This session helped us discover how Fujitsu's new Cloud Service K5 aligns with our Managed Hybrid IT services to help customers exploit the enormous potential of digital business and maximize the value of existing core systems.



    You must log in with your G05\\username credentials (instead of Corp\\username)

  • The world of business is changing rapidly.
    Customers and employees alike expect to do incredible things - access services and data at any time, from anywhere, and via any device. Those demands are driving enterprises to embrace ever-more digital solutions and advanced IT strategies.

    With Fujitsu's Cloud Service K5, the incredible is now within reach.
    Fujitsu Cloud Service K5 offers a solution for customers wishing to drive operational efficiency, digitalization and Hybrid IT across the public, virtual private and private cloud as well as robust (traditional) IT. It combines an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering into a single service which can be consumed via 4 models:

    • Public Cloud - Shared Infrastructure
    • Virtual Private Cloud - Shared Infrastructure with dedicated compute hosts
    • Private Cloud hosted at Fujitsu - Dedicated Infrastructure
    • Private Cloud hosted at Customer Site - Dedicated Infrastructure

    Fujitsu Cloud Service K5 offers:

    • The most open, compatible and agile cloud platform in the market today
    • 100% infrastructure and application compatibility enabling integration across all options
    • A purely Enterprise focussed solution which is already the world's largest public OpenStack cloud platform
    • A globally accessible and consistent user experience as it supports VMWare and Bare Metal

    In order to familiarize yourself with this topic and start customer conversations, we have prepared the following assets:

    • K5 Customer Presentation 
    • K5 Brochure
    • K5 FAQ Document
    • See the GKE portal for additional items.
    • You can also replay the MCP recording from here or access the webcast slides from here.

    In addition, make sure you keep up to date with the latest social media content on the Hybrid Hive and circulate our K5 blog content.


  • Application Development with Visual Studio Team Services

    90 min

    This will cover Visual Studio Team Services functionality for creating a development repository TFS/Git or using an external repository (GitHub/SVN), including branching (Dev/QA/Staging/Prod), continuous integration with deployments and release management.

    Unit Testing and Load Testing with Visual Studio Team Services

    30 min

    This will show how to integrate unit testing and load testing into your continuous integration within Visual Studio Team Services.

    Application Insights in Azure

    30 min

    This will show how to setup your applications to send user insights, custom events, and debug information to Application Insights, as well as show how to view general health of your applications and setup alerting.


    10 min


    Application Development Security in Azure

    30 min

    This covers general best practices for security when developing applications in Azure, as well as covering Key Vault.

    DevOps in Azure for IT Pros



    90 min

    This is designed as a high-level overview for IT Pros to show how to automate the deployment and management of IaaS and PaaS services in Azure.  This will cover working with PowerShell, ARM Templates, REST APIs, DSC, Automation, and Chef/Puppet.