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  • Context and K5 Overview

    • MetaArc Concepts and Summary
    • K5 IAAS Concepts
    • Global Infrastructure and Services.
    • Foundational Services and geographical scope of services
    • Overview of K5 PaaS Services 
    • Overview of Fujitsu Cloud Services Management

    Starting to use K5
      • Customer subscription model and scope
      • Creating a Domain and projects
      • User Accounts and Groups
      • Delegation of permission

    • Creating projects and user management

    Designing your environment - Best practices
    • Translating on traditional premises infrastructure to the K5 platform
    • Creating Networks
    • Security groups
    • Network management
    • Network Connector Service
    • Compute Resources
    • Virtual Machine types
    • Creating VMs 
    • Create and connect a storage devices
    • Establishing connection to a server / remote login

    IaaS K5 Architecting (Part I) Video 1:45

    Overview K5 - (Part 2) Video recording 20:45

  • Topics covered:
    Define and articulate the term MetaArc and the technologies, tools, services and partnerships that it encompasses.
    Describe the drivers, market drivers, and client issues that MetaArc addresses.
    Increase client confidence in Fujitsu by demonstrating your ability to recommend, refine and position propositions enabled by MetaArc.
    Target Audience:  Sales

  • Topics covered:

    • MetaArc Overview
    • K5 in Digital Business Context
    • Starting to use K5 with Demo
    • Designing your environment - Best practices
    • Using the K5 API with Demo
    • Load Balancing
    • Using Templates and stacks for service automation
    • K5 Services Monitoring
    • K5 Database as a Service
    • Email Delivery Service
    • Content Delivery Network
    • K5 Cost and Usage management
    • K5 reference materials, resources and communities

    Target Audience: Sales and pre-sales (Consulting)

  • MetaArc - Elevator Pitch
    Intro to MetaArc - Hybrid IT + K5
    What is Hybrid IT
    Positioning Hybrid IT
    What is K5
    Positioning K5 laaS
    Positioning K5 PaaS
    Positioning Multi-Cloud Management
    Intro to IoT

  • Learn about our MetaArc digital enablement platform, Hybrid IT and K5
    There is a certification exam for each module.
    Login: same as your login to your laptop, be sure to select G05 in the dropdown menu when prompted.