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  • Support pratique a pour objectif d'introduire aux techniques de gestion de projet dont la maîtrise est indispensable aux cadres de l'entreprise moderne. Il intéressera également les praticiens d'entreprises désireux d'acquérir ou de compléter leurs connaissances en gestion.

    Plan de formation :
    - Introduction à la gestion de projet : 1 jour ;
    - MS Project : 3 à 4 jours ;
    - Autres : 5 à 13 jours ;

  • Watch our Digital SaaS - ServiceNow Team go through an overview of the products and our solutions, and shares some of our most exciting ServiceNow experiences to help your customers on their Digital Transformation Journey, with an in-depth Q&A period with the team at the end.

    Fujitsu has a 7 year partnership with ServiceNow as a Gold Services Partner: implementation partner and a Re-Seller, and have done 400+ implementations globally. We deliver end-to-end ServiceNow solutions, from consultancy, implementation, integration, service orchestration and stakeholder communication, through to training and support. We are proud to be able to provide this full lifecycle support for our customer's ServiceNow implementations.

    ServiceNow is a cloud based software that provides service management-solution-as-a-service. It specializes in workflow and process automation for IT services management (ITSM), IT operations management (ITOM) and IT business management (ITBM).


    • Incident, Problem, Change and Release Management
    • Asset Management
    • Service Catalog
    • Knowledge Management


    • Discovery
    • Service Mapping
    • Cloud Management
    • Event Management
    • Orchestration


    • Demand Management
    • Resource Management
    • Project Portfolio Management
    • Agile Development

    View recording

    Here are some Knowledge17 resource links:

    Knowledge17 - TheatreNow 15-minute session:

    Title: Forget science fiction. Fujitsu can augment your reality with ServiceNow 

    For more information please visit: 

  • eLearning

    • Advanced Networking
    • The Command Line
    • Boot Process and Installation
    • Processes, Networking, and Logging
    • The Environment
    • Scripting and Scheduling
    • Introduction to Virtualization
    • File Systems and Device Management
    • Remote Connections and Access
    • SELinux and Troubleshooting

    Free From the Vendor
    • Solutions and Products
    • Linux Tutorial for Beginners 2015
    • Developers and Demos
    • Containerize your Datacentre
    • Enterprise Linux Management
    • Customer Reference Videos

    Reading Materials
    • Reference Architecture
    • Whitepapers
    • Red Hat Linux Desktop Data Sheet
    • Case Studies
    • Infographics

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  • Topics covered:

    • MetaArc Overview
    • K5 in Digital Business Context
    • Starting to use K5 with Demo
    • Designing your environment - Best practices
    • Using the K5 API with Demo
    • Load Balancing
    • Using Templates and stacks for service automation
    • K5 Services Monitoring
    • K5 Database as a Service
    • Email Delivery Service
    • Content Delivery Network
    • K5 Cost and Usage management
    • K5 reference materials, resources and communities

    Target Audience: Sales and pre-sales (Consulting)

  • Deployment instructions for the CMS Lite application

  • See the Microsoft solution to manage your Private Cloud Infrastructure.

  • In this session we'll take the concepts introduced in Part 1 and go even deeper. We'll provide a technical overview of the new application model and end-user application catalog that delivers this flexible working environment. Learn how best to design and deploy an optimized Configuration Manager 2012 infrastructure as well as some best practices and tools for migrating from SCCM 2007.

  • Are you ready for Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager? We are excited about our most important release ever for client administrators. Configuration Manager 2012 is user-centric, manages heterogeneous devices and introduces a new way to deploy applications; these capabilities will help you enable the Consumerization of IT, reduce costs, and drive agility for your organization. But there is more...a NEW interface, improved setting management, role-based administration, and infrastructure reduction. Get up to speed on all the key new capabilities of Configuration Manager 2012. We'll also provide a quick overview of Windows Intune, for those looking for a cloud based management for their unmanaged PCs.

  • End users are bringing consumer devices into the organization! iPhones, iPads, Tablets and Smartphones are now part of the corporate environment. New desktop technologies such as VDI, Tablets, Consumerization, among other pressures, are causing many IT environments to consider re-architecting their desktop infrastructure. Learn how to separate myths from facts, learn how to develop a strategy focused on meeting your users desktop requirements based on roles / personas, rather than implying that one technology fits all, and discover Microsoft and partner solutions that enable a Flexible Workstyle.

  • This docuement is designed to help Fujitsu sales, marketing employees and any interested consultant to :
    1. Answer the basic questions that exist today in most bids around our sustainability performance, credentials and CSR program.
    2. Provide a comprehensive overview of our Global Sustainability Capability including Products, Data Centers, Smart Solutions, Consulting and other services.
    3. Understand at a high level the market issues at play in the GBG regions, to address multiregional bids with relevant local understanding
    4. Provide links to relevant case studies and further information
    5. Outline our overall story and sustainability messaging.

  • Fujitsu can draw on its innovative and comprehensive hardware, software and services portfolio to develop personalized solutions for every customer. This is precisely where our strength lies: Fujitsu does not provide off-the-rack IT environments; instead we always find new and ambitious solutions,
    and together with our customers, develop tailored strategies.

  • This content was submitted by Subramani Sivarathnam.

    This will be an overview of MDM, as well as lesson learned / case study.

    The following items will be covered:

    • What is Master Data Management (MDM)?
    • Hubs in the market
    • Customer Data Hub
    • Product Data Hub
    • Hub and Spoke system architecture and its types
    • Integration strategy and methods
    • Data Mapping, Governance
    • Data flow and Security
    • Project cycle
    • Best practice

  • This content was submitted by Ivar Alexander.

    Thought Leadership Presentation:
    This session will cover the latest Automated Process Discovery (APD) technology available from Fujitsu.

    This latest release includes process discovery technology, and adds new management aspects by providing ongoing monitoring and governance of the processes in place.

    The presentation will cover a high level view of the capabilities and architecture of the solution.

  • This foundation level course provides participants with an understanding of ControlCenter 6.0 and how it is an integral component of EMC's offering. This course provides an overview of ControlCenter terminology, features, architecture, theory of operations, and management. This includes ControlCenter components, navigation, architecture, and environmental management.

  • This foundation level course provides participants with an understanding of ControlCenter 6.0 and how it is an integral component of EMC's offering. This course provides an overview of ControlCenter terminology, features, architecture, theory of operations, and management. This includes ControlCenter components, navigation, architecture, and environmental management.

  • This specialization level course provides participants with an understanding of the basic implementation and planning for EMC ControlCenter 6.0. Requirements and considerations for installation and upgrade of ControlCenter 6.0 reviewed in detail. This course is an elective component of the ControlCenter curriculum.

  • This foundation level course provides participants with an understanding of Symmetrix based Business Continuity solutions for local replication, and how these solutions are an integral component of EMC's offering. This course provides participants with an understanding of TimeFinder terminology, features, architecture, theory of operations, and management. The course covers TimeFinder/Clone, TimeFinder/Snap, and TimeFinder/Mirror functionality. TimeFinder/Clone Emulation is also presented to support Enginuity 5874 with Solutions Enabler 7.0 environments.

  • This foundation level course provides participants with an introduction to Symmetrix Disaster Recovery Facility (SRDF) products. This course supports the EMC Proven Professional Associate Certification.

  • This course introduces the EMC Symmetrix Management Console (SMC). SMC is a lightweight and functional stand-alone Symmetrix management tool. Students will learn to install the product in a typical environment and use it to monitor and manage Symmetrix arrays. The design goals and architecture of the product will be covered, and some comparisons given to other EMC Symmetrix management tools. A key part of the course includes recorded examples that will demonstrate how to install and administer Symmetrix Management Console, use it to configure the array, and to perform business continuity operations. These demonstrations support and supplement the details described in the presentation.

  • ControlCenter StorageScope Reporting is a specialist level class that uses built-in and customizable features to create advanced reporting solutions in a ControlCenter 6.0 environment. SRM Views and "Top 10" lists provide a quick insight to used and available ports as well as fabric information. Built-in StorageScope reports tell users about details about file system usage specified by host or network file systems discovered by ControlCenter. Advanced reporting scenarios utilize the customizable query building tool to perform a variety of tasks. These tasks include identifying host and array files not accessed within 180 days and identifying allocated host storage not used in a file system or volume group. The query builder also allows users to perform chargeback operations against groups in the ControlCenter Console, as well as monitor, manage, and trend raw array capacities. Finally, custom fields are demonstrated to show group membership for hosts.

  • This course provides participants with the basics about backup to disk in a LAN environment, using NS Series storage systems as the backup destination platform. Students review the underlying characteristics and recommendations, including NS Series optimization using ATA disks.

  • This foundation level course provides participants with an understanding of EMC NetWorker. The course provides an overview of NetWorker terminology, features, architecture, theory of operations, and management. This includes NetWorker components, and backup and recovery functions. The course supports the EMC Proven Professional Associate certification.

  • This foundation level course introduces students to the EMC NetWorker Module solution. The course supports the EMC Proven Professional Associate Backup and Recovery Certification.

  • This course provides an overview of new and enhanced features and functionality introduced with the NetWorker 7.4 release. Prior knowledge of NetWorker 7.3 is a prerequisite as this course only focuses on the differences since the 7.3 release.

  • This foundations level course introduces students to the basic EMC Disk Library (EDL) concepts and terminology, preparing them for further study of installation or implementation procedures. The main functionality of a EMC Disk Library and where it fits within the enterprise is presented. Features, functionality, and hardware/software architecture, up to and including version 3.2 of the emulation code including DL4000 Series is discussed. The course also covers the EMC Disk Libraries with deduplication version 1.2, including DL1500, DL3000. Historic information on older EDL models is given.

  • This course provides participants with the basics about backup to disk in a SAN environment using CX Series storage systems as the backup destination platform. Students will review the underlying characteristics and recommendations, including CLARiiON CX and Symmetrix DMX systems.

  • This course introduces students to the concepts and activities performed when integrating EMC NetWorker with different EMC Backup-to-Disk technologies. It starts with an overview of the backup product, its terms, functionality, and options for Backup-to-Disk environments. The course shows how to integrate the application with both Disk-aware and Tape emulation scenarios utilizing EMC technology (Celerra, CLARiiON, Symmetrix, and EMC Disk Library as backup destination devices).

  • This course provides participants with an introduction to EMC Avamar. It includes an overview of Avamar terminology, features, and components, including Avamar backup and restore functions. The course also reviews Avamar tools for monitoring and maintaining an Avamar system.

  • This course provides participants with an introduction to the EMC Data Protection Advisor product, version 5.0, including positioning, architecture and technical information. The course also covers how data gathering works in DPA.

  • This specialization level course provides a thorough exposure to EMC ControlCenter version 6.0.

  • This video instructor-led course explores EMC NetWorker 7.3 installation, backup, configuration, maintenance, management, and recovery. The course contains lectures, instructor demonstrations, lab demonstrations, and review questions.

  • This hacker tooltalk from the Fujitsu Edmonton Security Lab explores the Kismet open source Wi-Fi analysis tool. Learn how to set up a low cost Wi-Fi hacker lab, sniff unencrypted Wi-Fi packets without detection, and even crack WEP keys with Kismet.

  • Cet événement vise à familiariser l'apprenant avec Fujitsu, sa mission, ses valeurs, sa structure, ses produits et services. Plus encore, il vise à faire connaître les règles de comportements à adopter en clientèle et procure des outils afin que le conseiller puisse réaliser ses mandats en toute efficacité. Il situe également quelques concepts associés aux rôles et responsabilités du conseiller à l'intérieur du cycle d'affaires et de la relation client. Nous y présentons également les opportunités de développement professionnel et de gestion de carrière.

  • Pierre Hamel recommends this document produced by Fujitsu.

    It provides a global Cloud overview and explains what are:
    - Fujitsu free trial
    - Fujitsu Cloud advisory services - Executive summary
    - Fujitsu Cloud advisory services - The how

  • This document shows the new challenges facing developers to deploy applications in the cloud. This method of deployment is actually being increasingly recommended by businesses

  • This document introduces techniques for deploying Java EE 6 applications with the GlassFish application server

  • À l'aide de conseils et d'outils, vous serez en mesure:
    d'expliquer les étapes à accomplir pour réussir une délégation efficace
    déterminer les principaux processus à appliquer pour vous assurer que les tâches déléguées sont bien accomplies

  • Digital Media introduces a smarter, more dynamic way of advertising to customers or communicating with staff Leveraging Fujitsu's TELentice™ system, a proven, robust technology, they enable you to easily schedule and send any combination of video, animation, text, audio and visuals directly to PCs, plasma screens, LCD screens, mobile phones, PDAs, Point-of-Sale displays, kiosks, ATMs or websites. Digital Media Solutions are already being used in Australia and around the world by many different organisations to distribute video announcements, advertisements, promotions, news, educational material and information.

  • Google spend a lot of time in improving energy effeciency in their Datacenter. For information, Google use more than 2 000 000 MW per year, so it's really a matter to them to cut that spending.

  • Sales fact sheet on business drivers and Fujitsu global cloud platform service offering

  • Fujitsu was chosen by Whitbread to provide an outsourced solution that includes a fully managed service for wide area network (WAN) links, ranging from ISDN to Megastream Ethernet, to all of the company's extended family of brands in over 1,600 locations in the UK.

  • Infrastructure as a Service is the corner stone in Fujitsu's cloud services. IaaS provides the flexibility and cost effectiveness much anticipated by business and crucially delivers the security, resilience and performance required for live business systems hosting. Watch the video below to learn more.

  • Join us at this exclusive discussion event, hosted by Fujitsu and Citrix, to discover how you can build a truly compelling business case for cloud-enabled desktop services