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  • This event is designed for the delivery group and is centered on the construction team. It will provide enough knowledge to enable them to participate in the Design and Construction phase

  • The Architecture phase purpose is to elaborate on the findings of the Preliminary Analysis ("PA") phase, to stabilize the architecture and to reconfirm feasibility. As such, the goal is to do enough to minimize rework in subsequent release development, while deferring detail decisions that do not affect stability nor feasibility. "Knowing when to stop" is a key skill. It requires a multi-disciplinary team to integrate business perspectives, architectural concerns and organizational change management issues as well as development strategies.

    This learning event enables the learners to use Macroscope material to plan system architecture stabilization in their own situations.

    An excellent time to take this course is about 4-6 weeks before the conclusion of the PA phase - because it clarifies work that can be deferred from the PA phase to this one.

  • This content was submitted by Denis Careau.

    This course is intended for people having an interest in testing web applications. When this course is complete, you'll be able to write tests that effectively test your applications but also to integrate Selenium in your existing testing processes following the good practices that this tool requires.