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  • This session outlines the new Onboarding process implemented for Fujitsu North America companies. 
    It explains Manager responsibilities, HR Business Partner responsibilities and the features of the new program. 

  • See how Fujitsu GLOVIA OM is leading the way of bringing back office information to the front office. In this training session you will see a live demo of the solution, and learn about how GLOVIA OM integrates with other systems, recent case studies and user stories (target customers), and connect with the BAS SaaS and GLOVIA OM team for an in-depth Q&A period.

    Fujitsu GLOVIA OM is a top rated cloud-based order management solution based on over 30 years of experience in the ERP business. Unlike a traditional ERP solution, GLOVIA OM is quick to deploy, easy to modify and seamlessly integrates with Salesforce as it is 100% native on the Platform. GLOVIA OM will provide that agile layer that works as a System of Engagement connecting to the back office Systems of Record (SAP, Oracle, Accounting Software, etc.) providing: 

    • Mobile-ready Field Sales and Service (online & offline capabilities)
    • Enhanced Sales Order Management
    • Robust Pricing and Promotions
    • Order Fulfilment & Invoice Management
    • Material Requirements Planning (MRP) 
    • Inventory Management & Planning
    • Work Order Management
    • Purchase Order Management
    • Streamlined Return Processes

  • Although this learning event has "for Managers" in its title, it is appropriate for anyone in a leadership role and who needs to help others develop their capabilities. For example, it is useful for project managers, team leaders, program managers, senior consultants and solution architects. 
    In particular it is strongly recommended for those who directly manage participants in the Fujitsu Management Accreditation Program ("FMAP"). 
    The coaching approach is based on the work of several authors, especially Sir John Whitmore's book "Coaching for Performance". 
    This learning event is very interactive and tailored to needs of the participants. It will consist of short presentations of coaching concepts, whole group discussions, small group activity and coaching conversation practice. 
    For maximum benefit, we recommend real-life development scenarios be used in the practice coaching sessions during the class. 
    The schedule will incorporate short breaks during the day, but participants are encouraged to minimize outside distractions to maximize their course value.

    • Introduction
    • Coaching or Mentoring: What's the difference?
    • Coaching model: GROW
    • The Fujitsu coaching house
    • Coaching tools
    • Giving and receiving feedback
    • Situational leadership
    • Coaching conversation evolution
    • Questioning techniques and appreciative inquiry
    • Conclusion

  • This learning event has been designed to support the delivery of the people management discipline of the Fujitsu Managers Accreditation Program (FMAP).
    It is primarily aimed at those who directly manage people (e.g. who prepare performance reviews) either newly promoted in this role or experienced manager new to Fujitsu. 
    This learning event is also beneficial to experienced managers who wish to improve their people management skills. It has been especially effective when there is a mix of experience levels among the participants. 

    • Introduction
    • Managing Self
    • Managing Individuals
    • Managing Teams
    • Conclusion

  • Le management agile prend son envol en réponse à l'environnement turbulent, complexe et imprévisible. Ce contexte où les changements se succèdent à un rythme effréné, nécessite régulièrement des réactions rapides de la part des organisations.

  • The aim is that at the end of this course, participants will be able to:

    • Effectively convey certain fundamental business reasons for managing change
    • Engage in meaningful conversations on Change Management with other practitioners
    • Be able to identify opportunities for change management and seek assistance

  • Oracle Partner Network Competency center
    Guided learning paths
    Oracle University Knowledge Center (iLearning)
    My Oracle Support
    Solution Beacon
    Pearson Vue
    Oracle Certview

  • Use proprietary Fujitsu financial models to help determine selling price for a bid.
    The Fujitsu financial models are used to capture estimates of all resources required to deliver an engagement and to assist in setting the selling price based on target margins. These models also support the setup of the financial plan for the engagement.
    There will be a guided exploration of the LOMP002 and the BAP Lite, with in-class exercises on each.

  • End users are bringing consumer devices into the organization! iPhones, iPads, Tablets and Smartphones are now part of the corporate environment. New desktop technologies such as VDI, Tablets, Consumerization, among other pressures, are causing many IT environments to consider re-architecting their desktop infrastructure. Learn how to separate myths from facts, learn how to develop a strategy focused on meeting your users desktop requirements based on roles / personas, rather than implying that one technology fits all, and discover Microsoft and partner solutions that enable a Flexible Workstyle.

  • This seminar targets competencies of workshop facilitation and emphasizes the role of the facilitator, who holds the key to any effective workshop. The seminar addresses the activities and deliverables for which the facilitator is responsible.
    The main goal of the seminar is to have learners acquire the competencies necessary to act as workshop facilitators. Moreover, the training techniques used will provide the learner with opportunities to practice facilitation skills and the presentation techniques.

  • The Preliminary Analysis ("PA") phase focuses on feasibility. It guides the team to clarify the business capability that is desired, establish how that capability will contribute toward business value, and then seek answers to all the questions that affect feasibility. It requires a multi-disciplinary team to integrate business perspectives, architectural concerns and organizational change management issues.
    This learning event enables the learner to use Macroscope material to configure an optimum approach to feasibility in their own situations.

  • This content was submitted by Subramani Sivarathnam.

    This will be an overview of MDM, as well as lesson learned / case study.

    The following items will be covered:

    • What is Master Data Management (MDM)?
    • Hubs in the market
    • Customer Data Hub
    • Product Data Hub
    • Hub and Spoke system architecture and its types
    • Integration strategy and methods
    • Data Mapping, Governance
    • Data flow and Security
    • Project cycle
    • Best practice

  • This content was submitted by Ivar Alexander.

    Thought Leadership Presentation:
    This session will cover the latest Automated Process Discovery (APD) technology available from Fujitsu.

    This latest release includes process discovery technology, and adds new management aspects by providing ongoing monitoring and governance of the processes in place.

    The presentation will cover a high level view of the capabilities and architecture of the solution.

  • The general objective for this learning event is to provide the participants with an overview of the expected skills and behaviors required from all Fujitsu consultants having to share their professional expertise with our valued customers

  • Extract from the famous book about IT Governance. Chapter 3 is particulary interesting, as it explains the difference between IT Governance and IT Management

  • This course aims to familiarize you with the concept of how Evolve Solution, a sub-process of ProductivityCentre helps to effectively maintain and improve comprehensive information solutions into organization's structural lifecycle in order to achieve organization's business objectives. The learning event is aided, with well-structured content and interactive demos.

  • This learning event provides an overview of ProductivityCentre domain. It emphasizes why ProductivityCentre is designed the way it is, and how it can help you in delivering, operating and maintaining information systems.

  • This course aims to familiarize you with the various unique functionalities of Results Chain Modeler tool. The course provides interactive activities, such as demos, interactive animations and self assessments that will help you to become familiar with the tool functions and will enable you to adapt the tool for your organization's investment realization requirements.

  • This book helps you understand what BPM is really all about.
    We wrote it because BPM is so useful and so powerful — and
    because it is also very accessible. We wrote this book for
    you — the individual. You may be a business manager, or an
    Information Technology practitioner, or maybe an ambitious
    career individual who wants to know what BPM is all about
    and how to apply it.

  • Since the Oracle buyback of SUN, many changes have been made in the Java and Open Source system.
    This document describes the status of Java since the Oracle buyback of SUN.

  • The Fujitsu U-Scan® Genesis offers retailers new features, flexibility, scalability, reliability and usability. With its new compact, space-saving footprint, U-Scan Genesis is expected to rapidly expand into new markets in addition to the traditional grocery sector, where Fujitsu has led for many years. Retail formats from larger stores such as mass merchandisers, do-it-yourself (DIY) and warehouse stores, to more space-constrained convenience stores, drugstores discount and specialty retail stores, find the new features and compact design a significant improvement over other self-checkout options.

  • The new system, which employs electronic card holders equipped with e-paper and Fujitsu's proprietary wireless communications technologies, guides patients to examination rooms or diagnostic testing rooms and is connected to an electronic medical record system. This enables detailed guidance information to be delivered to the electronic card holder of individual patients during their visit, from check-in and calling patients when the doctor is ready to see them, through to payment.

  • Fujitsu washable tag is highly durable and flexible UHF RFID tag.

  • PFU (Fujitsu compagny) offers a full range of Interactive Kiosks and a unique Kiosk Integration Platform which provides enterprises and developers a simple approach to deployment that accelerates time to market and reduces costs over the entire kiosk lifecycle

  • Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc. (FCPA) is an established leader in the document imaging market, featuring state-of-the-art scanning solutions in the workgroup, departmental, and production-level scanner categories. Fujitsu scanners deliver speed, image quality, and great paper handling, along with easy integration and compatibility with over 200 document imaging applications.

  • Presentation about cloud computing and its impacts on IT Service Management and ITIL

  • Using tips and tools, you will be able to :
    Explain the steps of successful delegation
    Determine the main ways to ensure that the tasks delegated are carried out properly

  • The target audience for this document is the business owner and report developers who are looking for a quick way to develop dashboards that will support an Enterprise Project Management Solution for their organization.

  • In the course of doing research for our forthcoming book, "Discovery Driven Growth: A Breakthrough Process to Reduce Risk and Seize Opportunity," we have spent a lot of time researching disappointments, redirections, and outright flops. Many of these involve IT in some substantive way.

  • Notes on Enterprise Architecture, Systems Integration and anything else that interests Nick Malik, Enterprise Architect at Microsoft

  • This introductory course on the Fujitsu Way is designed to reconfirm our strategic direction and the shared values we, as employees of the Fujitsu Group, should uphold. The course covers the history of the Fujitsu Group and the key elements of the Fujitsu Way.

  • Course code: LBA03000
    ProductivityCentre is the Macroscope module covering the System Delivery and Maintenance Life Cycle. This course provides an introduction to the major aspects of the system maintenance and operation support processes of ProductivityCentre.

  • This is a Macroscope e-Learning module addressed to anyone who wants to improve its understanding of the agile approach in Macroscope. Several questions and exercises will let you test your knowledge of the subject. You will also find notes, tips and frequently asked questions.

  • The two ADKAR tutorials presented below were first released in early 2007 leading up to the release of Jeff Hiatt's book ADKAR: a model for change in business, government and our community - a complete description of the model. The tutorials presented here are:

    - The Essence of ADKAR: a model for individual change - a short article written by Jeff Hiatt focusing on the individual as the unit of change and ADKAR as a tool for describing individual success
    - Why you need an individual change model - this tutorial addresses the individual more generally, covering the role of an individual model, the risks of not having an individual model and applications of an individual model for change

  • The discipline of project management has a set of recognized tools that support its execution - project charter, statement of work, work breakdown structure, schedule, etc. Similarly, change management has a set of tools that support the "people side" of change - regardless of the change that is being introduced.

    While some in your organization might view change management as "just communication" or "just training", Prosci's research has shown that change management is most effective when it is a holistic set of tools aimed at supporting individuals though changes to how they do their jobs.

  • A discussion on the tools and techniques for defining, capturing and managing content types and meta-data in SharePoint and for establishing an information lifecycle for all content in SharePoint. Covers how to most efficiently apply governance throughout the entreprise, for all Sites, and how business content from any source and any location can be captured and delivered as searchable, process-ready documents to SharePoint for process and system optimization

  • Prosci's change management methodology is based on research with over 1600 participants over the last ten years. What is unique about the methodology is that it comes from real project leaders and teams reflecting on what worked, what did not and what they would do differently on their next projects. At its core, Prosci's methodology is the collective lessons learned by those introducing change across the globe. Based on this research, Prosci's goal has been to develop a methodology that is holistic and at the same time easy to use. The resulting process, tools and assessments have been developed with one goal in mind: that you can put them to use on your projects, building your (and your organization's) own internal change management skill set.

  • Sales Battle Card
    Description of Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform IaaS offering and guidelines.

  • Project Sapphire is a project developed jointly by Fujitsu Services and the RAF, to provide balanced score card Performance, Finance and Risk Management reporting to allow Senior RAF Commanders to see the true capability of Strike Command.