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  • Fit4Digital Training

  • Recorded webinars, meetings and various training links.

  • The aim is that at the end of this course, participants will be able to:

    • Effectively convey certain fundamental business reasons for managing change
    • Engage in meaningful conversations on Change Management with other practitioners
    • Be able to identify opportunities for change management and seek assistance

  • The Architecture phase purpose is to elaborate on the findings of the Preliminary Analysis ("PA") phase, to stabilize the architecture and to reconfirm feasibility. As such, the goal is to do enough to minimize rework in subsequent release development, while deferring detail decisions that do not affect stability nor feasibility. "Knowing when to stop" is a key skill. It requires a multi-disciplinary team to integrate business perspectives, architectural concerns and organizational change management issues as well as development strategies.

    This learning event enables the learners to use Macroscope material to plan system architecture stabilization in their own situations.

    An excellent time to take this course is about 4-6 weeks before the conclusion of the PA phase - because it clarifies work that can be deferred from the PA phase to this one.

  • This is a five course program for project managers.
    All the courses are in e-Learning and hosted on the SkillPort platform.Leading Teams:
    - Launching a Successful Team
    - Leading Teams: Developing the Team and its Culture
    - Leading Teams: Building Trust and Commitment
    - Leading Teams: Motivating and Optimizing Performance
    - Leading Teams: Dealing with Conflict
    You need to request access to the platform in order to follow this program.

  • Inspired from a book by Mary and Tom Poppendieck, this presentation is an adaptation of the Lean Approach based on the Toyota Production System in the IT domain.
    Once the 7 Lean Software Development principles are revisited, 24 imaged viewpoints will provide a different approach to dealing with possible problems encountered in the field of IT.

  • Negotiation Preview Video (1:57)

    This training event is designed to enable participants to gain a deeper understanding of what negotiation is in general but more specifically for Fujitsu. This practice-oriented, event allows participants to enhance their negotiating knowledge and skills. Different concepts will be discussed, including concepts related to the competitive and collaborative negotiation as well as negotiation skills. The event intends to empower participants to opt for a collaborative rather than a competitive negotiation approach. The event includes presentations, group discussions, role play exercises and a collaborative workshop.

  • This content was submitted by André Thouin.

    How to get a Portal ID to access Salesforce training videos.
    Also, how to register for a Certification exam - via Certification center or Online.

  • This content was submitted by André Thouin.

    This Power Point presentation contains the latest wins from the New York office that pertain to Salesforce in various industries but mostly, the financial services sector. It is available to help turn our RFP's into winning proposals.

  • This content was submitted by Raphaël Baril

    This document presents the basic concepts of change management.
    - What is the change?
    - How to change?
    - Change Management in the Public Sector