Quality standards of Sempai


Sempai reserves the right to publish or reject your content. The following criteria are evaluated before releasing the content submitted. It is essential to comply with each of them when submitting content:

  1. Language quality
  2. Content quality[1]
  3. Informative or educational purpose[2]
  4. Sound and image quality (in the case of a multimedia content)
  5. Respect for copyright and conditions of use.
  6. Use the latest Fujitsu template version (for content from Fujitsu)
  7. Relevance with regard to the mission and vision of the site[3]

Sempai also has rights to refuse, without further notice, any content deemed inappropriate for any other reasons.


Sempai reserves the right to publish or reject comments. To ensure your comment is posted, please avoid:

  1. comments that do not address the proposed topic and repetitive comments on the same subject
  2. promotional displays
  3. reproduction of material from external sources (except for brief quotations whose source is clearly indicated)
  4. offensive or aggressive comments
  5. threatening, obscene, profane and hateful comments which are abusive and run down others
  6. defamatory allegations of illegal conduct or any other comments which unfairly attack the reputation of an individual or organization
  7. a registration name which contains foul language and is of bad taste
  8. any other comments deemed inappropriate

The comments related to one or more of these categories will be deleted without further notice.

[1] No racist, pornographic or sexist content nor any content containing offensive language or having unreliable or questionable sources will be accepted.

[2] Please remember that a website is not considered as content. To submit content from a website, it is important to clearly identify the topic of interest.

[3] The content must necessarily be related to IT and to the Fujitsu Business Sectors.